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Please report bugs here and we will respond in a timely manner. Thank you!


I cant sign on says server trouble been like that for several hours FB site posts say everyone has the same problem any timeline for when it will be back up tyvm love the game

Me neither I have been trying all day. How long will the servers be down?

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No clue havent heard a word from PROMINENCE i think im going to have to try Poker Club

Hey there! Thank you so much for reporting the servers are down. We’re currently looking into this issue and will post once things are up and running.

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I’ve reported it to the team and will post once I have more info to report.

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We’re getting word that the Microsoft servers are down. Please go here to report connectivity issues: Xbox Support tell folks to report any connection issues here

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We’re getting word that the Microsoft servers are down. Please go here to report connectivity issues: Xbox Support tell folks to report any connection issues here

Hope everyone is back up and playing soon!

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I’ve reported it to Xbox & 505 games. Still can’t play. :sob::sob::sob:

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I know. I’m sorry! We’ll have it back up and running soon and I’ll update here once the issue is resolved.


We’re currently working with Microsoft to resolve the issue. Will report more as soon as I hear more.



Hello Prominence players,

Over the weekend, we experienced a connection issue cropping up with our servers. The servers are live, but something is happening to prevent successful connections from users. This seems to only impact the Xbox platform.

We’ve been working on a resolution to the issue since it occurred, and we will continue to work on the issue until it is resolved. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we’ll be working on remedying issues caused due to inability to connect. Please watch this space, and we’ll provide an update as soon as we have one.

Thank you for your patience,

The Prominence Team at Pipeworks

WE’RE BACK UP!!! :partying_face:

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and the poker server is offline again
I have already lost the boost I bought for 2 days, can I get it back?

Hello Prominence Poker Players,

We experienced an outage over the weekend on the Microsoft Xbox platform. We attempted to troubleshoot but required additional communication with Microsoft before we could resolve the issue.

We love our players, and we’re glad you chose Prominence Poker as your poker game of choice. We realize the weekend is the hottest time to try to play, and regret that we couldn’t fix the issue for you sooner.

Unfortunately, we can’t fix any log-in streaks lost due to the service outage, but for any Xbox players, if you log in between now and midnight, 6/15/21 UTC, you’ll get a 3-day boost that gives you Double Rep in all game modes, Double Chips from your Daily Cut, and an increased Upgrade chance for all earned Loot Cases.

For the rest of our fans, there’s a Chip Sale live, effective till midnight, 6/15/21 UTC, and two more that will be live over the weekend.

Thanks for all your continued support, and stay tuned for more news on Prominence Poker soon.


Pipeworks Studios

Hello. I just now unlocked Tier Diamond rewards. I got everything except the TITLE of “Legendary” . It’s still grayed out. I got the golden stogey, Loot case, and 1.5 million cash. I went to change my title. It won’t allow me. ???
PS All the tier titles for me r grayed out. Yet I currently have the Epic Purple Master title that I earned years ago. They all say locked when they all should be unlocked to me now.

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Cant connect to server on xbox


Yup me neither
Must be the storms


We started receiving notifications last night that the Xbox servers were down. Microsoft is looking into the issue, and we will notify the community once it’s up and running again. Thank you for your patience.

Tourneys have been glitchy today; I came in 3rd on an all gold player ranked tournament and got ZERO points. Did something change in the points system? Usually 3rd gets 6 points. Can send game clip.