Feature Requests

We would love to hear what new features you would like to see in Prominence. Post them here!


I’ll start, have a couple queued up.

It would be nice to have an (optional - turn it on/off) typing chat interface for the PC version. Whether canned responses or free text. We’d probably want a spam limit though to keep people from going nuts.

It would be nice to have something to do while waiting for a tourney to start. The XBOX version does not seem to have this issue - but the PC version seems to not get much action for tourneys. We could be sitting there for hours waiting for enough people to join. Whether we are placed in a queue and are allowed to play a casual table, adjust our character settings, a little click game - just something to do while waiting. Either that or remove the penalty for playing a level or two down.

It’s pretty rare to see someone with a platinum or diamond rating. Maybe reduce the spread or make the season longer (or remove seasons altogether)?

Advertise on Steam so we can get more players in the PC version.

I know I will think of more, thanks for the thread!


A per-person rating system? I recognize certain players. I would like to be able to ‘flag’ someone based on how I think they play, but only viewable to me. Red/yellow/green, or thumbs up/down. Idiot/call station/shark :slight_smile:

Love the game, thanks guys!


Metrics for the affiliation progress - such as how much rep is needed for the next item/tier.


How about increasing rank/rewards in affiliations. Once they’re maxed out they seem nearly pointless.

More attire options.

Less bad beats. Lol


Tournament Ranked up and Affiliation is basically the only thing you have to do. Add more features and the character setup is plain My Mom hates how the Female Look lol the Camera angles need to be adjusted or something Rewards need more items to win I remember y’all gave out boost at one one I haven’t seen my Mom win that in a while Overall it’s a Awesome Game but y’all got to make Updates immediately before the New Poker game that’s on PSN take your People because I already brought it for my Mom but she haven’t had time to play it yet so Prominence my Mom Love I mean Loves your Game she Streams it on My Twitch Channel everytime she play it and have 5+ views for hours

That’s a Great idea yeah Prominence definitely make that a thing.

I’ve got it; the perfect fix for all the players who’ve complained about the card dealing algorithm/array/randomness.

If you simply halved the amount of times that 4 cards of the same suit end on the table that alone would likely solve the ‘Bad Beat Poker’ perception issue.

Because that one scenario most definitely exists in your game and which most definitely does not match real world poker.

P.S. Where can one find out more about your company? Which company now controls and/or owns PP?

Thanks for a great game. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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More user feedback:
I’ve never purchased anything and wouldn’t go hunting for a ‘Donate Now’ link if I was inclined to support the PP team, but I did notice that the values of the chip packages you offer seem rather uninviting, or lame even. As if these packages haven’t been re-envisioned by marketing at all since the getgo.


An on screen prompt telling you what hand you’ve got.
Also some funny outfits or hats.

Better places to play, lose the cheap places like the meat factory and laundrette… Or just add better ones. China Town backroom casino and the such.

Don’t let lower level players on the high tables until the reach a certain rank, they can ruin a good game.

Get rid of the sit out option during tournaments… You can basically keep sitting out until the final 3

Get rid of the smoking rep rewards… Seriously… Its 2021.

And more clothing options.

Love the game, look forward to seeing what you will do with it.

P.S. Where can one find out more about your company? Which company now controls and/or owns PP?

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Add Boosts to loot cases, or some way to earn them instead of paying cash.

Continuing to get DDOS revenge packet overload by players when playing this game. There needs to be a detection system that senses ip addresses or something so that these people will be PERMANENTLY banned from playing this game ever. Or some type of detection system that senses OctoSniff. Something needs to happen the name of the DDOS website is OCTOSNIFF. Also, there’s a hack where you can control the river card. It used to be to spam L2 and R2 and a bunch of buttons to overload the server and cause the other person to lag which would effect their card quality. I believe this is still happening but only with people who have DDOS software so they don’t have to spam buttons they can just DDOS you. My packets suffer almost every other time I encounter a sore loser from this game and this game only.


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A discord group for this matter would be awesome as well I’m pretty sure ALOT of people would join, and put the discord name in game so people can join the discord and express their problems and frustration live and be able to provide live proof of things like cheating and hackers and so on and so fourth…


It would be nice to be able to set the default buy-in (game settings) to a desired dollar amount for the casual tables instead of a bankroll percentage amount.

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When refilling table items, have the option to do more than one refill at a time. I like to stock up on Thirsty Thursdays, it takes a lot of clicks.


Add Cross-platform Play


In short, Pipeline had Prominence, then they didn’t and now they do again :slight_smile: