Report a Prominence Poker Bug

Nothing has changed. Probably at least one of the other players wasn’t ranked Gold. Please send me the clip and your gamertag and I’ll investigate.


It was a gold ranked tourney, and since only higher ranks can join lower tiers, my score in third would have been higher than the usual 6 points if that was the case. Thanks for your help. Gamertag: herelies

Did you see the game clip I linked?

I saw the clip. You are correct that as a gold player at a gold table you should have received at least 6 points for third place. Unfortunately there isn’t enough data from the logs for me to see what happened. Please let me know right away if something like that happens again.

On Xbox One the Boosts are not showing up or working. I have 2 - 30 days Boosts and none are showing up or working.

We are working with Microsoft to fix an issue with users not receiving Chips or Boosts that they purchased. We have temporarily disabled purchases until this issue is resolved. We will keep you updated as we get more information. Thank you for your patience!

Have a new one, well actually two.

I was just in a ranked tourney (silver).
During the tourney (it was a long one) - about half way, I stopped receiving notifications of rep gain, and the slider image stopped progressing (many hands afterwards, no change. No notifications of rep gained, no progress).
Then later in the tourney, there were three of us. My computer decided it wanted to reboot for Windows updates. I rebooted and re-joined successfully, and there were two of us. I did start receiving rep gained notifications again. I won after a few hands. The post-screen said I was awarded 6 points. I was actually awarded the 30 points as expected. Not sure if I received the appropriate rep, but I still received the ranked points for the win.


Since the update

  1. Player audible emotes are doubled. In other words, when my avatar makes a grunt or “yea” sound, it is triggering two separate sounds at the same time. This happens with random audibles and with those triggered by me for clapping, etc.

  2. The new lighting is way too bright on the head to head table in the biker bar. Like, nuclear bright.

I’ve run into a few times where the game stops giving rep. I haven’t played in a couple of days. I connected this evening and went into a tourney. It’s not giving rep at all.

Thanks for the reports. We’re planning to have these fixed soon.


I got disconnected and rejoined the tournament, even if you knock out everyone for Executioner, it wasn’t rewarded! I unlocked a few games later but today I was looking for the nickname and it was locked lol restarted the game and it was unlocked! Bug? On another note, post update, it’s making the Xbox One X run hotter than before. FPS drops reported? Animations seem slower, but it does look nice. Love your game btw thanks for making it!

While playing ranked games, display doesn’t show me gaining rep. Meter never moves either but, I just ranked up. Very strange

This is working now. Thank you.

Been a fan of this game for years and don’t really have any complaints, just that I’ve noticed that the Xbox series X gets really hot after playing for awhile. The xsx is a pretty warm machine in general but this is by far the hottest it gets. I don’t know how much of an issue this is, although I do feel like this shouldn’t be pushing my console harder than a game like resident evil village or other graphically intense games.

Really happy to see prominence has been picked up again!!

Thank you for the recent update. The 'brightness was certainly turned down, and it does seem a little too dark now. Can we have the ability to self-adjust that setting?

Also, video card is still running hot. Any progress on that front?

I really like the new bug where an avatar or dealer randomly flails their arms like a half second T pose. Thanks for taking interest in this game again!

More specifically, the bar and the yellow table both seem a little too dark. The other tables seem fine.

The hot video card issue is a priority for our next update.

We’ll look into providing a brightness setting also.

Just look this. Level32000. Now i cant bilve this game. I so hard win 40,000,000 but hacker ao ez win chip.

Continuing to get DDOS revenge packet overload by players when playing this game. There needs to be a detection system that senses ip addresses or something so that these people will be PERMANENTLY banned from playing this game ever. Or some type of detection system that senses OctoSniff. Something needs to happen the name of the DDOS website is OCTOSNIFF. Also, there’s a hack where you can control the river card. It used to be to spam L2 and R2 and a bunch of buttons to overload the server and cause the other person to lag which would effect their card quality. I believe this is still happening but only with people who have DDOS software so they don’t have to spam buttons they can just DDOS you. My packets suffer almost every other time I encounter a sore loser from this game and this game only.

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