Prominence Poker Game Update – Black Friday

Today is a day to November… err, remember! Why, you may ask? We’ve got new content for you!

We’ve added nine-player tables to all venues, clarified messaging around REP and Daily Cut, plus some new items are here to help get us into the holiday spirit!

Steam players will notice a new addition to Shop & Stash called “Bundles.” Save your precious chips for the tables as we’re offering the convenience of purchasing bundles of items outright! The first few additions will be limited time offerings, so make sure you act fast and check back often.

We’ll have some more presents (wink) to deliver you very soon. In the meantime, follow our official social media and community forums for more!

Be careful with the new Chocolate Chip Delight… This thing is seriously freakin’ good.

Release Notes - Nov. 21, 2022

Changes, Improvements & Fixes

  • All venues now have nine-player tables

  • Added 100M and 250M buy-ins

  • Added a tutorial sequence to the Daily Cut screen

  • REP is now scaled according to the ratio between your buy-in and your bankroll

  • Reduced REP from “Dealt In” and removed “Freebie”

  • Fixed instances of game progression getting stalled

  • Fixed calculation of Oops and Clairvoyant

  • Fixed a few rare crashes

  • Fixed some avatar animation bugs

  • Fixed some minor visual UI bugs

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Another excellent update. Keep up the good work!

I just downloaded the game to play against my friend and every time we create a private game it says “the server connection was lost. Please check your internet connection and Enter Prominence again.” Does anyone know how to fix it?

Some players have reported issues with the pre-lobby system. Something causes the game to kick players back to the “Find Game” screen. Of course, we are looking into it.

Until we can get a permanent fix, this is what we have identified as a workaround:

A player can host a lobby and then invite any friends (the issue is not observed) because the issue seems to occur only when a player invites another player from the pre-lobby.

So in other words, you can start queuing for a match and then invite your friend. When queuing, you will see a prompt in the bottom left-hand corner to invite a friend. This goes for any type of match – friends only or public.

I keep Trying this fix but my game loads to fast for the invite players button to turn yellow. Basically anyone with a somewhat decent internet will not be able to play with friends