Rep points broken

Ever since the last update on Xbox where you added the 9 seats to every room, the rep points meter function has broken. It was on 1% for a while. No matter what table power up I choose nothing charges it up to 5, 10 or 20%. So basically there is no way to level up now.

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  • REP is now scaled according to the ratio between your buy-in and your bankroll

  • Reduced REP from “Dealt In” and removed “Freebie”

Regardless of table level the rep is not really increasing. A couple weeks of play and I don’t think I have a single level up even though I’m showing ~ 200% or 300%+ when you gave out the boost. Leveling up is broken.

Did you check your affiliation? If it’s maxed out you stop leveling. You have to level up manually.