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I feel silly, but honestly I’ve read all of the game information within the game and it reads like a language I don’t understand. I know how to play poker, but all the stuff coming up on screen, the little rep meter thing, the table items, boosts…I have no clue how to properly utilize any of that stuff. I’ve also played the bronze tournament and won multiple times, but still can’t play the next level. Why? I have won the head to head multiple times and can’t go to the next level. Don’t even get me started on the solo game. Clueless about what the hell is happening there.
I know it is a lot to ask, but I really love the game, but just know somehow I have a fundamental misunderstanding about all the bells and whistles. Thank you for any help.

From the main menu, select HELP, within then select HOW TO PLAY
read each topic

I said I read all available info. in the game. I play on PS5. Is the help section the same on there as it is on PC or other places? I don’t need help playin poker. I need help understanding what the heck a boost it, what it does, etc. I don’t understand the point of the REP meter or what it does or why it is different every time I play. What is the point of the table items? What do they actually do?

Have you asked the developers of PP?

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With reputation points you level up and if you use the appropriate table item you get more reputation points.
Which item is currently popular is shown with symbols at the bottom right of the main menu.
The table items change every hour and then there are daily clothing events or other events depending on what day of the week it is. If you have a time-limited boost, you will receive even more reputation points for that time.

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Thank you so much for attempting to answer my question, but I think I’m being unclear. I know about reputation and how it functions, but I don’t understand what the point of it is? Does it somehow make my cards better? What is a boost? What does it boost? What is the point of the boost? What do these things do for me?

the end result is you receive free chips.
I received a gift if a 100 % of boost for 7 days which means my daily cut of chips is doubled. In addition, 100 rep points are added to the rep each time I receive points, I have a drink item so during happy hour I receive extra rep points… along with more points awarded when bounties are enjoyed in a particular hand. each time you earn enough points to complete a circle on the rep symbol your level increases by 1 and you receive a loot case which has free items and chips.

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Thank you thank you thank you! I was starting to think the answer was top secret. LOL

Maybe you can help again. I keep playing and winning the bronze head-to-head but never advance to silver in head-to-head. I played in the tournaments and won and advanced to gold so far, but never advance in the head-to-head. Any ideas why?

Thank you again,

Advancement to gold comes through points. You have to get 1100 points for gold, 1200 points for platinum and 1300 points for diamond. Six player tournaments and 1 vs 1 are separate, so you have to have 1100 points in both to get gold. At the end of the month there is a reward and it starts all over again.

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The strategies used to win tournaments is different than those needed to play H2H.

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