Clarification on REP Scaling

As we do with every update, we’ve been gathering feedback from the community on recent implementations and changes. We hear you: Boosts that are purchased, gifted from The Mayor, or won from a loot case now give you a minimum of 100% buy-in REP.

There’s been some confusion surrounding the new REP scale. We’d like to offer some clarifications.

First, REP is scaled by the ratio of your buy-in to your bankroll. When you’re queuing for a casual game, you will notice a REP percentage appears next to the “buy-in” line and changes according to the buy-in value. In ranked game modes, the REP percentage appears below the rating change.

Here are some examples of the REP-bankroll scaling in action:

A tourist has 5,000 chips. They decide to play a 1,000 buy-in. The ratio is 1000/5000 = 20%, so they get 100% REP. They win, so now they have 10,000 chips. If they move to a 5,000 buy-in, their ratio is 50%, so they get 133% REP.

Now imagine someone with a 100 million bankroll. They would need a 10 million buy-in to earn 100% REP.

Solo mode is always 100% REP (but note there is a solo mode REP cap). Ranked is always a minimum of 100% REP, even if a player doesn’t have a boost. 10 million buy-ins and above will always give a minimum of 100% REP even if a player doesn’t have a boost, regardless of bankroll (so a billionaire only needs a 10 million buy-in to get 100% REP).

If you have any further questions about REP, boosts or anything Prominence Poker, please feel free to email us at or make a post here on the forums.

Thank you for your continued support — see you at the tables!

Thank you for confirming leveling up is gone and that you prefer to encourage players to play above their bankroll limits.

I disapprove of encouraging players to risk large percentages of their bankroll.

Either way, the XP seems way down even when playing more than you should.

Thanks for clarifying :+1: