Prominence Poker REP (XP) Values

Head To Head - Ranked:
All Up In It! - 200 Silver - 300 Gold
Dealt In - 10 Silver - 15 Gold
Duelist - 100 Silver - 150 Gold
First Runner Up - 750 Gold
Gifting - 100 Silver/Gold
Killer Hand Quads -
K.O. - 250 Silver -
Muck It - 40 Silver - 60 Gold
River Trollin’ -
Schooled - 100 Silver
Winning Steak - 100 Silver - 150 Gold

Tournaments - Ranked:
All Up In It! - Bronze
Clairvoyant - 75(4P)/ Bronze
Dealt In - 23(3P)/30(4P)/45(6P) Bronze
Duelist 150(4P)/ Bronze
Freebie - 75(4/6P) Bronze
Gifting - 250(6P)
River Trollin’ 300(3P) Bronze

Ring Game:

This list is a work in progress.
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How many rep points does it take to be able to level up the affiliation level?

Is there somewhere that tells what you need to do to get each of these? For instance, “All Up In It” is obviously going all in… but what about ones like “Duelist” or “Dealt In”? When are they awarded?