Want to see New tables!

Would luv to see sum new table /poker


Damn straight! I’ve been playing this for a few years and they haven’t done anything new worth while. I can only image how much they make selling in game money to not even bother creating new rooms to play poker in.

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Remember those fancy tables in WSOP Full House Pro? If Prominence gets custom tables like that would be dope!


Or how about changing the chests we win if you upgrade for 20 k you win a measley 25k that’s just terrible they want you to upgrade to use your coins you’ve won for no return kinda greedy don’t ya think prominence?

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I agree, I’ve been playing for about six months and have already learn all the locations. By and large, poker can be played in many poker-games, but it is this game that is distinguished by its unusual visuals, catches the sense of presence, so it would be great to diversify the game with additional locations or, for example, make separate locations for each rating or add small new locations only for games one on one


I personally only really like playing at the casino or diamond room–basically the rooms with a dealer–because I like to see all the players and you can’t do that in the other rooms. The laundry basement and the meat market are the worst.
I do like the new ability to choose the preferred table when finding a game. But if they add more new tables then I would definitely prefer they are the layouts with dealers.

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Give us a tiki bar setting! Think how fun that would be to design.

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The flavor of the game is that these are different criminal factions, and each has a place where they play their illicit poker games. However, nothing would stop a faction from having more than one place, so it would make perfect sense to have more locations.

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