Hello great day . Just want to start by saying this is a fantastic game with a wide amount of potential. I favor the direction it seems to be going. Just one question? when is the new update?

-The new up date can be anyhting from…

1_ maps
2_ tables
3_ items
4_ gear
5_ card decks

I am positive i am missing multiple. Just a few worth mentioning. You guys are great keep up the great work see ya.

Nice. Cant even spell Poker but been playing for 40+ years. Not everyone has vr…or cares about it. I agree, This Game needs an update. Baad. Visually too. But trashing players for them not playing the way you agree with is wrong. NL Texas Holdem. No Limits.

I wouldn’t expect a new game right now guys. If a second mayor’s table comes later this year or a table where all parliamentary groups come together, then that would exceed my expectations. New outfits are now coming regularly and as far as bugs are concerned, always report them and they will be fixed.