Patch Notes for The Rooftop Update - Sept. 7, 2022

You’ve been making your own way up for quite some time now. You’ve taken on local colors and made a name for yourself in this town. Think you’re ready for what’s next? Take a ride to the top – The Rooftop, that is. The Mayor will see you now.

The cards are on the table. Here’s what’s new to Prominence Poker this time around:

Release Notes - Sept. 7, 2022

Changes and Improvements

  • New venue (The Rooftop) with nine-player table
  • Solo mode face-off with The Mayor and his Henchmen
  • New items awarded for playing in The Rooftop
  • New outfits and table items
  • Added four new emotes
  • Emoting is now throttled to prevent toxic behavior
  • Solo mode bosses now have unique reactions
  • To comply with Washington state law, players in this state will no longer be able to purchase some virtual goods.

Today’s game update also fixes bugs reported by the community. Thank you for playing Prominence Poker and stay tuned for future content updates!


  • Fixed a few rare crashes
  • Fixed some minor visual UI bugs

Great job headed in the right direction a PP2 would be great good luck ty

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The new venue “The Rooftop” is simply incredible. Matching design on the table, chairs and card backs is beautiful. New card backs is something I’d love to see more of.
The design of the venue is such a pleasure to look at. The 9 player table is insane (in a good way), allows for more friends and really just changes the way the game is played. More money to be made with more people betting, more hands that need to be beat.
The 1v1 table in the middle of the pond surrounded by fire gives such an intimate feeling and makes for such an exquisite atmosphere.
The music choice is perfect. The DnB is both lively and chill. Feels like an exclusive underground club and yet we over look the city from the skyline.
There’s more to be said and discovered (like the statue pillars and the amazing new table items), but that’s all from an hour playing the update.
I look forward to more updates like this and if you haven’t played the update yet, go check it out.


I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much! What an unbelievable update! :pray:

I totally love it, believe me, but I have to address the bugs to make it easier for you to fix them. I tried out the Rooftop (I love the name) and there the nicknames and the usernames are flipped for the players. Also, if a player wins seated with its back to the hall, during the winning animation we can see The Mayor on the roof, at the floor above. Nothing unusual, but he just stands there seemingly alone. I don’t know if it’s intentional. And lastly a small remark: Mizuchi, The Outlaw seems a bit pale, his skin. I don’t know if it’s the usual look of him. It just looks a bit too pale to me.

Btw, outstanding new table items. Holly grail! And who knows what else are there. Hats off!