9 players on all venue

I like the the november update but only 1 thing i dislike is the 9 player on all venue ! You should make a bracket choice for 6 or 9 players! Because i enjoy more a 6 players table than 9 players table !

Keep up the great work!!!


I absolutely agree! A hand on a 9 player table takes much longer. I actually stopped playing in the rooftop bc of that.


I absolutely agree it should be a option for 6 or 9 at all tables


I agree 100%. @ForeverAmbi I don’t like the 9 players and that’s one of the reasons I don’t play on the rooftop as well. The second reason would be the music. It’s distracting and not what I’d chose as background music at a poker table.

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Yes, I most definitely agree! I also dislike the 9 players at all venues. I checked out the rooftop, lovely venue, but not interested in 9 players, so I always choose the 6 player tables to sit at. Please make it an option to have a 6 or 9 player table options!! Thank you, love this game!