Report a Prominence Poker Bug

Since the last bug fix with any controller i use wired or wireless when I try to check and move the left joystick up to check it bounces back and forth between check and fold its folded dozens of hands with this glitch that I would have never folded by choice. I have seen others complaining about their hands folding on them im assuming its the same problem? I recalibrate all my controllers and still the same any body else ?

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If you are on the Xbox platform check that your last console update was on Aug 22, also check if there are any controller updates pending.
Please let us know if this helps

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Happens TO ME EVERY TIME. Dead zones need to be higher or a dead zone setting needs to be implemented.

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In the diamonds rank/rewards - both level 1 and level 2 award the same weapon (Daiyamondo).

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Whenever I am disconnected, the graphics have a bug where glasses and windows are glowing white. I can’t see my eyes and the light becomes super bright whenever it pans to a window.

Since the last update, AA and KK color cards have appeared in many games and that is not real, I do not know what algorithm they use but it is not normal to be playing a tournament and even winning 90% they always give me AA and KK color is not fair , they must correct that lately

Estoy cansado, tengo 45 partidas seguidas y he visto en ellas 7 veces que me ganan con AA KK y color eso no puede ya basta están dañando el juego no es quien mejor maneja las cartas sino ahora es a quien favorece el juego con esas absurdas cartas que en la realidad solo salen una vez cada 300 veces está vuelto un asco

Since the new season has started, I’ve been getting server connection issues. Can’t play more than a minute of a game before it freezes for at least 5 minutes and then allows me to rejoin the game. Now appear to be frozen in the “server connection lost…” screen. No other online games are giving me this trouble. Any thoughts?

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Are any of the other games multiplayer games?
Standers answer you’ll get from a helpdesk - unplug the modum / router and your console, wait 10 seconds and plug them back in.

Thanks, tried to reset the modem before anything else but played other mp games just fine. No interruptions in any other game, then I realized maybe it was from the latest update. Reinstalling the game solved my issue!

Thanks for letting us know that you solved your problem

Hi, a number of players on Steam are experiencing issues tonight and we can’t enter the game. It says can’t connect to the server, check your internet connection and try to enter Prominence again later.

Some other players left comments on the Steam community page for Prominence. May or may not be related, but shortly before I had issues, my ring table had 2 SB and 1 BB at the same time. Thanks!

Any word on when the video card issue will be resolved?


I have a trouble with prominence poker. I’m unable to play, 'cos everytime i try to start an error screen appears that says “server connection lost”. Is there a way to fix this?

If you are the only one having system problems, then the problem is your system. If you wish, I can give you some items to check or do, Let me know.

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Hello, since the June update !
I no longer take experience, I am stuck at level 60 and a buddy level 160 !
A solution?! Thank you

Main menu / Persona / Affiliation → Rank up :wink:

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I am not able to get into any ranked matches. Once I click ok to enter the match. It won’t let me back out either. I have to close the app down to get out.


Well trying to play ranked games and can’t get on to 6 seat table part - to play

With the new release (great job btw, love the rooftop) it happens that I go to a ring game table and while waiting the players list on the right shows the names of a lot of people. When I arrive at the table besides the dealer nobody is sitting at the table. The status is showing Waiting for next hand. The cards on the left often are 5-5-J (or no cards showing). This is happening a lot! Waiting has no use because the game will not progress.

It seems to happen on all tables?

Please post a screen shot of the lobby, with the list of players on the right. Or email for support.

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