Patch Notes for Steam & XBox Update Summer 2021

Hey Prominence players,

Thanks so much for your patience for us over the years. We’re happy to announce (and release) a new patch for Prominence Poker! When we release additional patches in the future, we’ll add any important messages and the patch notes to this space, so watch here for more news.

Over the past year, Pipeworks reacquired Prominence Poker, so some of our support options have changed. Send all support queries to with your account name and explanation of trouble. Please visit our community site at to participate in our community.

We want to thank you for your continued support. We have a future planned for Prominence, and we can’t make it without you. We’ll post more information when we’re ready.


The Prominence Team


Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Unreal Engine from version 4.12 to 4.26 in preparation for adding new features
  • Updated Platform SDKs
  • Added Customer Support screen (Main Menu / Help & Options / Support)
  • Reduced the chances of failing to accept an invite
  • Improved scrolling of items in the store
  • Improved shadow quality
  • Added a button prompt for switching gender on the gender select screen


  • Disabled joining the ranked prelobby via invite
  • Fixed prelobby participant tab button showing when the participant list is not visible
  • Fixed incorrect tournament payout display when a player joins the lobby
  • Fixed featured item change sound continuing to play past the Featured Item screen
  • Fixed a soft lock when leaving a table
  • Fixed missing hole card display when rejoining the session after being disconnected
  • Fixed some localized text
  • Fixed some missing UI sound effects
  • Fixed some minor visual UI bugs

Looks good Pipeworks. Big fan of Prominence for years. Im very excited to see what you guys have in store for us with future updates.


Hi please could you let us know if your going update XBOX AND PS versions too?

Happy to hear Pipeworks is back

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The console updates will be coming soon!

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Big fan of the game on all platforms, can’t wait to see where it goes now that it’s back in good hands!


Hello, hopefully you guys are aware of this already, but if not I thought here would be a good place to post. The recent update made the lighting engine behave very strangely and everything is significantly brighter, in a bad way. Also, audio cues like win celebrations and emotes tend to play two sound at once which is very strange. This never happened before the Unreal update.

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Please send a screen shot of the significantly brighter lighting.

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Thanks for the response. (I have to post multiple times because I’m a new member on the forums) Here’s and example of the main menu pre-patch.

Main menu Post-patch

Pre patch.

Post patch.

No, the brighter lighting was due to the Unreal Engine update. We will be releasing a new version soon that addresses this issue.

Are we all freezing up between loot case upgrades or just me ?

The loot cases have been freezing for me aswell on Xbox consol also could I address that I put a lot of time and effort in to the ranked head to head and there are many hackers boosting accounts it makes it very less satisfying

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Hackers boosting accounts ? Can you explain please. The freezing loot cases has stopped for me

You guys SUCK!!! You literally allow players to cheat hands from their PCs so that you can steal real money from people.

It would be different if you actually cared about this community. Affiliations dont level up and ive seen countless cheaters. Way to go. Ruin a fun time for people for a quick buck you guys dont care.

How do people cheat and how can you tell? I know sometimes people collaborate but what other way?

Got another donkey seat? I once had a run of bad beats that wiped out near $45M before I started winning anything. Went on for over 2 seasons I’m sure. Top that one lol.

I still think some bad beat jackpots would make the bad beat poker thing palatable. Just like the real card rooms do.

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I felt terrible after I sent that harsh review message, while the above message is what I feel is true. There has to be a way for that player doing an end river win with a 2 or a 3, 7 times in one game with trips to know they are manipulating hands. Those certain people block me so I cant find their name and report them. People have already tracked this with picture proof. Collaboration is HEAVY to. It should be embaressing to the player and the company to have to use a friend to steal peoples money. In game and otherwise. Its your choice to buy chips or not but again to allow all these things to happen within a game is thievery.