Report a Prominence Poker Bug

Several times I added table items using the new system (added 240 tourist tea, H2O, Bottle of Pilsner, etc.) and the items lost tons of hands instead of adding them. Took my chips too. Definitely a nice new perk to add several at one time, but very buggy. Buyer be ware!


Terrible the new update with the players looking to the side

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Confirmed! The new multi-purchase for table items is taking the chips and “forgetting” about the purchase. I’m out about 25,000 chips due to this bug!


A related issue to refills - On XBOX - if I try to refill an item while at a table it closes the screen without refilling. Please fix the refill bugs ASAP!


Another new bug. The game gets stuck on the “close up” after a hand. Must force quit the game and restart to get back into the table. This is on XBOX.


I can’t even start the game. It worked just fine before the update…Now it just gets stuck on the start screen. Reinstalled game 3 times. Nothing fixes it.

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Second time I’m getting stuck in the middle of a game have to disconnect and I lose in rank in the tournament affecting rankings.


When you’re disconnected, you are placed in ‘sit-out’ mode. You have 9 minutes to rejoin the table.
Rebut your controller to reestablish a internet connection and follow the prompts to rejoin the game you were playing.
while you are absent, your avatar will check and fold your hand, for 9 minytes, awaiting your return.
The way other players will know you’re having system problems is that your avatar will never look at your hole cards.


I won 2 tournaments because I was the only person who didn’t quit when the game froze up.

It starts usually with a lot of sync lag from one or more players (it happens more when I am first to load in and also downloading a game or something, series x, 20mbs avg).

This person then appears to be playing at sitting out - waiting out the clock to just fold or check - these guys also have a similar looking name, but I can’t recall atm (I get really high some evenings, when the USA is just coming on)
They usually start looking at their cards in the last 3, so I am unsure if this is relevant.

A waiting period occurs that is similar to when you are waiting for one of the bosses to finish their animations and finally perform the action they have queued.

I’m unsure if it is because of the “fixed” (lol - 4 years and no fix!) t-pose that messes up a lot.
This pause can last until enough players leave (usually to last 2) so that the game jumps into that lovely high fps mode when it’s in head to head mode.

So, is it server-side clog-up or animation snafu?

I think it is both :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the loot cases, also the refills, also the B-emote button locking the controls when it forces to the bet/check GUI, also:

The game needs to have the quick resume for xbox disabled!!!

Quick resume is no good for online games that require sign in even to play single player, if the game has an idle timeout that affects single player!

It means that if anyone quits the game by going to home, then eg, play something else, quits by turning off xbox, anything but quit properly - they will sit in the tournament as a sit-out (like alt-tab on steam).
Yesterday, a guy was busted to 650 chips in the 1st hand - went to play NFL - he ended up 3rd.

I don’t think that Quick Resume counts as a bug, exactly, but it is a quality of life thing that I ought to probably find a forum to put in a suggestion for updates.

// also the t-pose by bosses that means you have to quit the game
// t-pose by players, with chair to arm in motherland meats

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There is some issue with the focus, when it is right angles to focal point, the neck appears to bend unnaturally.

The position of the players on the new map’s head to head causes them to get stuck in teh table when they t-pose and appear to have collided and unable to sit down (causing game lock).

A player may become stuck in an animation that will not complete, but the game will continue for other players.
This results in the player having to quit (cards on table can be updated with menu open/close) and leaves their avatar there running the whole clock before check/fold - this sometimes will fix itself in last 3 or last 2.

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If you’re in the middle of using the “thumbs up” emote when your turn to play comes around, the emote will be interrupted (as per normal), but it will sometimes not allow you to click check, fold or bet. Everything else on the screen works, but you can’t click anything that allows you to make a play, and therefor you must wait for your turn to time out and fold. Not ideal when you’re sitting on a winning hand.


Refilled about 12 different items I use regularly on Thirsty Thursday as I do almost every week. Used the new multiple refill function to add 10 turns (100) @ 20% bonus to each item. $ was deducted from bankroll. Started playing and quickly ran out of each item after a few turns. Refilled in game - ran out within a few turns. Not sure if bug is item specific, but it happened multiple times with the Daiyamondo specifically. Refilled the old way (10 at a time, 10 times) and seemed to work.

Didn’t do precise math on what was lost but I figure at least $375 x 10 x 15 = $56,250. Not a huge deal as I burned way more upgrading loot boxes before realizing how pointless that is now, but I’d like to be able to trust the refill mechanic as it gets confusing to run out mid game and have to switch around items for bonus. Also wish refill would default to the same % bonus you use/just refilled as I’ve also inadvertently refilled 10% vs 20% when it defaults back to 10% (new since update).

Btw - I do appreciate the updates as it has rekindled some interest. Bugs happen and this one is a minor one if you have a big bankroll, but losing $56k bankroll could be disheartening to new users. Fix bugs promptly and award some replacement funds and it’s all good.

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Is there a reason the Tournaments Won and Tournaments Played seems to be capped at 56 wins / 240 played in rap sheet stats. Been playing tournaments exclusively for years and at this point the only real “stats” I have to shoot for are finishing seasons diamond, platinum, etc. and highest tournament rating with bankroll as a secondary counting stat. Would be nice to shoot for my 700th tournament win like Pujols vs this capped stat.

Not a bug, but on same topic. There is a disincentive to reach Diamond or Platinum as it means you will find no opponents or have to risk losing 40-50 pts going down levels to actually play a game. This further reduces player pool as I suspect players just quit playing as end of season nears rather than sacrifice rank and level just to be able to play a game without waiting an hour for 5 opponents to arrive. Reward for Diamond/Platinum currently is no opponents or massive hit/low reward for dipping down to gold to find a game. Maybe just reduce payout for higher level playing lower, not punish rank. Incentives should be to play MORE, not less. This does opposite.

I’ve had the same thing twice on a PS4, I didn’t figure I could get back into the game until the 2nd time it happened if you sign out and sign back in.

Couldnt agree more ive lost well over 1 mill “shekels” chips lol with the freeze ups and table refills. My chip count is at the level that its annoying but would be a different story for a newbie.
I also am very happy for the hands on approach they have taken and look forward to what come next. The glitches will be fixed. And i hope we end up with a PP 2

PLEASE fix the table items when they are refilled by others! I have not received soooo many gifted refills and have sent in my game logs and emailed you all several times and it’s still not working properly. (Playing on XBox) Thank you.

I received a gift from a friend, but when I went to equip it, I couldn’t find it anywhere in my inventory.

Recently I found the game has been freezing on the winner’s celebration screen especially when one first enters a Ring Game at nearly the same time! Then I close the application and luckily get reentered automatically on the same server upon start-up.

I was playing a ranked tournament and immediately as the game loads to a table it said busted no lag or issues on my end it also took my rank/score down 30 as I was the 1st person out. I almost immediately sent the log username is same as this one hollynn2001.

While playing a solo game with a table of 8 players, 3 jouse players went all-=in and the game froze.