Level 2,030 players and up

You should not be able to refill your way to a win by boosting opponents hand enough so that they go all-in with good cards and lose.If you have achieved platinum and have been brought back to bronze 980 and stuck there this year, you are not alone. I get bronze and silver players folding immediately to me when I have good hands because they are dealt horrible hands. It seems that after you achieve level 2030, all of your (high) pairs will be beaten by lower skilled players with straights or flushes on river. Also, changing affiliations after gaining 100 level points in a single affiliation seems to reverse this affect and temporarily fix the issue.

Ring games-
I am getting dealt good cards at the beginning of all games with others being dealt their winning cards on turn or river because of my level being higher. You should not be punishing higher skilled players for being good because you know that they will pay money to continue after a horrible loss. I appreciate the boosts, but whats the point if I’m just going to be paying money anyways because the algorithm works to keep the big guy down and paying the price.

Pipeworks please fix this issue. I play 8hours a day, i cannot make this up. I should have been diamond 4 months ago.

I’m also over level 2030 and at least platinum every season. It often seems to me that I am at a serious disadvantage when it comes to card luck, so that the other players also have a chance. But it could also be that it’s just a personal feeling and that everyone actually thinks that way.

Update*** i found that changing your nickname to a high ranked nickname in your affiliation, wearing the tourist for most of the week, equipping the same boost item as another player and refilling it “sometimes”, and wearing freshly bought new suits on suave sundays helps with this “bad luck” situation.

You could also try dancing under the full moon while wearing a ritualistic loincloth and shaking an oak branch in your hand and singing Ode to Joy. It will also help with your luck.