If you are rated 1000 or higher - DO NOT play at prominence

So I’ve been playing here a while. Diamond every month for years. Then I topped 1000 rating and everything changed.
For the past 6 months, every tourny I’ve played in has ended with me taking some ridiculously low percentage bad beat. Every one. This is not an exaggeration.

These beats come in various forms.

  1. The 3 card out on the river.
  2. The 2 card out on the river.
  3. The gutted straight on the river.
  4. The filled flush on the river.
    And my personal favorite…
  5. The runner runner out of nowhere full house.

In their zeal to keep low rankers engaged and on site, they swerved waaaay too far in the other direction.
Not only do the low rankers get tons of good hands to the few for the high rankers, they included the insanely high percentage of suck outs.

Here is where some mod will reply with suckout percentages and blah blah blah. Don’t believe it. I know what I’ve seen. Every high ranker does.

So if you are high ranked you have 3 options:

  1. Bend over and take the pain.
  2. Create a new login and start from scratch.
  3. Find another poker site that has the tiniest bit of respect for their loyal players.

Choose wisely.

Your buddy,
Smell My Finger18

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Thanks for your post, I’ve been wondering why weird things have been happening since the last update.

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I dont even pay attention to those stupid level numbers cuz who care most of its players buying boost… Bwhahaha. Level numbers are like age numbers… Sometimes the older numbers think they are so wise. Yet the young number is fresh and upto date on new skills… Lmfao… Who cares about the levels… I have two accounts one is level o think 400ish and i still win or lose on higher level players… Just because they level number is higher does not mean they are more skilled. Just saying. Ive aeen high levels make atupid calls too just to push and end up losing and start complaining about it all being rigged. Jmo

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