Bug Fixes - June 1, 2022

Today’s game update was to fix bugs reported by the community. Thank you for playing Prominence Poker and stay tuned for future content updates!

Release Notes - June 1, 2022


  • Fixed a few rare crashes
  • Fixed some minor visual UI bugs

Any chance it fixed loot cases? They’ve been a disaster the last couple of weeks. Absolute scam to upgrade cases.

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There was a bug with upgraded loot cases that caused them to always give out chips. That bug was recently fixed.

I truly appreciate the updates but that is not true i play almost everyday and the loot cases were not always paying out chips. At best you BOUGHT with chips 1 upgrade 20k you got back 25k or an item so most i assume like me BOUGHT 2 upgrades 20k +35 = 55k with the hope of a 60k case for a 5k increase and if lucky enough the occasional case with 150k and a 95k increase chance which was few and far between and if you did 3 upgrades 20k + 35k + 90k = 145k the most you would win was an item 150k for a whopping 5k increase so we all understood the 3rd upgrade from a basic case was not a smart move WE took the GAMBLE on 2 upgrades understanding that you had 3 chances 1. 60k 2. 150k or an item NO guarantee that is why some of us invested in BOOSTS myself to 1 invest in PP because i truly think you guys are doing the best you can for the game and it shows and i wanted to show my gratitude. And 2 the PURCHASED BOOST gave you a better chance of upgraded loot cases and less duplicates. I can only speak for myself but if this is a FIX for a loot case problem that i certainly didnt experience i will not be investing in BOOST anymore . I have lot of fun playing PP and its not perfect by any stretch and i believe its the best poker for fun online and im happy with your hands on attempts at addressing and fixing issues.
So please dont fix whats not broken and keep up the great job of taking PP in the right direction.

To other PP players if your experience with loot cases always paying chips please tell me.

Sorry so long gl on fixes and development and to the players GL at the tables have fun you old river rats lol :laughing:

Loot cases give out items, chips, boosts, and nicknames. If a loot case randomly gives you an item you already have, you will instead get 25% of the item’s value.

Upgraded loot cases are the same, except they do not give out nicknames or duplicate items.

There was a bug with upgraded loot cases that caused them to always give out chips. That bug was recently fixed. They are now working as intended.


I see the random T-pose is back and I really like the way it floats 1/2 way through the table now.

…but the new bug I definitely don’t like is my avatar peeking at my cards before I do. He does it at least once or twice in practically every table I sit at.

What do you mean? Your avatar randomly peeks the cards without you pressing anything? Maybe your mouse/controller is at fault. I’ve never ever experience something like that.

My controller is fine and this started after the new update. Noticed in tournaments. Yeah, randomly and infrequently my avatar will look at my cards before I do anything. Note that when it happens my cards are not revealed; it’s just the avatar making the peeking move.