Prominence Poker Game Update – The Summer Showdown!

Summer days and poker plays! Prominence Poker’s summer update is here.

There’s a lot to cover this time, so we’ll jump right into it: Today’s update brings purchasable emotes, limited-time offer drops, and new hourly events to the game.

Beat the summer heat by staying in and playing poker! From now through Aug. 16, we’ll be adding limited-time bundles, plenty of fresh summer outfits and items, and new summer events to freshen up the REP grind.

Today’s bundle drops, our sunlit delights! Did we mention some of these items are used in the new events?

Express yourself using new animations ranging from mesmerizing chip tricks to wacky and taunting celebrations and reactions! Players can find the newly purchasable emotes in their dedicated section in the Shop & Stash.

For those times when you need to tell the person hero-calling with Ace High they need to hit the showers: The Something Stinks Emote!

But wait, there’s more! Enjoy some cool savings on the Boss of All Bosses, Boss, and Earner Bundles starting June 30 through July 7 and again in August. Also, all players who log in today through July 4 will receive a complimentary three-day boost courtesy of The Mayor!

Thanks to your suggestions and support, we’ll have more content to share with you in the coming months. Be sure to follow our official social media and community forums for the latest Prominence Poker news!

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Release Notes – June 28, 2023

Changes, Improvements & Fixes

  • Added fresh summer content

  • Introduced Emotes in the Shop & Stash

  • Last used Emotes in the Emote Menu are now saved between games

  • Adjustments to Loot Crates

  • Fixed various visual bugs


Good job! It’s always nice to see when there’s something new.

The Roman Candle has got to go, please.

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To not be able to buy emotes with in game chips that we earned is a slap in the face to the players.

I am enjoying the improvements but respect your player base enough to make buying emotes with in game chips an option

You made bugs in the game . Game was fine untill u put it filthy hands on it… you guys get zero respect from me cause trash is all u produced so far and bugs. Alot of bugs.

I agree, it is very disturbing and distracting imo.

Why did you remove most of the summer stuff ? You did not even say it was limited.