Patch Notes - Oct. 5, 2022

The Oktoberfest celebration continues in the city of Prominence! Enjoy tasty table items ranging from seasonal brews to a warm salty pretzel in this week’s content drop. Don’t forget to don your lederhosen!

For the next update, here’s our tell: We’ll be honoring and celebrating plenty of holidays in the coming months, so stay tuned to our official social media and community forum for more in the next few weeks!

Release Notes - Oct. 5, 2022

Changes and Improvements

  • You can now buy multiple table item refills at a time

  • All players can see your avatar moving its hand to the chips and cards as you select your action during your turn

  • All players who folded on the river are given the option to show their cards

  • Avatars will occasionally look at the active player


  • Fixed a few rare crashes and soft locks

  • Fixed AI avatar going into T-pose

  • Oops and Clairvoyant will only be rewarded if all the relevant cards are revealed

  • Gifting refills will award 50 REP during Thirsty Thursdays instead of 37 REP

  • Fixed some minor visual UI bugs


Haven’t avatars always moved their hands to the chips and cards prior to checking//betting//folding?

Nice to see some Holiday items and Quality of Life improvements. Keep up the good work.


Yes, but that was previously only visible to the player whose turn it was. This update allows other players to see your avatar moving its hand to the chips and cards as you ponder a decision during your turn.


You broke the game with this patch. Twice in tournament the game stopped after a player folded. The game was still on my turn after I folded and didn’t move to the next player resulting in quitting the match.And the turning of the avatar heads looks bad. Please fix the problem

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I think they should ban the one person that has about 50 accounts and every account is in the top 50 with some that has won 300 out of 300 matches with a level in the 20,s! No one can do that! They are people like myself that try hard to be ranked reasonably high and these people use cheat programs to stack the deck and another problem is having 3 or 4 friends at 1 table teaming up on everyone to get a high chip count! Just today I had a person hit 5 full houses in a row! Anyone knows that’s is impossible


Many table items not counting the number of refills properly, add 30 it takes away cash but doesn’t add the correct refill quantity.

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Did the survay and didnt recive chips?

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What username and platform did you leave on the survey? I will check and fulfill your survey reward if it hasn’t shown up on your account.


no I haven’t always seen their hands touch chips

My user name is GOGO and platform is PC

User name. Captain Sheepy

Platform. Xbox series x

Of course it’s not impossible. It’s just very very unlikely. I don’t think anyone can manipulate that, but other than that, I absolutely agree.

Chips have been dispersed to your account – it looks like there wasn’t a space between Captain and Sheepy on the survey response, which is why you initially didn’t receive your reward. Thanks for reaching out!

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Ah sorry about that thank you very much though

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Whay survey are you talking about i missed it lol

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Tyvm for the survey link you guys are on the ball

Excellent job with your update patch today. No more weird head movements and no longer does the game stall resulting in quitting. Thank you for doing this update in a timely manner