What's next? The fun is gone

So first question? How much of your player base have you lost since taking over pipeworks? The changes you keep making are nothing but pay to play cash bleeders.

First big change…you have to have a boost to make any rep. or play for an obseen amount of chips compared to your bankroll. Terrible idea!

Second big change…lets make ring games have 8 seats. One hand takes 10 minutes with a full table. It’s crazy boring. What was the point of this?

Third big change…lets cut the case values by 80%. That way people have to buy chips that they lose playing the obseen amounts they need to play to earn rep. Let’s see, upgraded gold cases were 150k, now worth 30k. Purple were 60k, now worth 12k. Blue were 25k, now worth 5k. But yet the cost to upgrade them is still the same. Go figure.

Fourth and lastest change…let’s add some bounty thing. Well, in two days my bounty keeps saying check back later. So who knows what that’s all about.

Lastly…fix your game. Since you got rid of the summer bounty thing (aka ice ice cold and others) all drink hours have been cut short by half. The first hour is blank and it only works the second hour. So when Havana nights ends, drinks don’t start, but instead start one hour later. So there is a dead hour of no bonus. 2 hours of cigarettes, 1 hour of dead zone, 1 hour of drinks, and 2 hours weapons. Rinse and repeat for the next 6 hour interval.

I used to love this game. Now let’s watch as this post gets deleted. I appologize for my constructive criticism, but enough is enough.


Allow me to add to your constructive criticism the introduction of “lightning” table items like roman candle etc, which not only are extremely annoying but also force some people who risk even minor epileptic seizures -and for that reason (and for loving poker ofcourse) choose to play games that are free of lightning spam- to quit the game once and for all. And for the always kind people that would say “just change table”, I am referring to the ranked games, which for a lot of players, like myself, are their main interest and joy.

With my sincere hope that people in charge listen and care, I salute you.

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