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New update is taking even longer. Eta 1am.

Im seeing an awful lot of whining about a game that doesn’t charge you a dime to play. I think its the best Poker game going not perfect but none are.
Atleast with this new management structure they are taking responsibility and trying to make changes to better our poker experience.
So deep breaths it will be back up when its done.
I for one will be at the front of the line for PROMINENCE POKER 2
Keep up the great work guys and don’t sweat the whiners.


I agree! This game is running on 3 different platforms, so there are 3 different versions. This update is done on production servers, so the changes are being tested for the first time, to insure that your achievements are saved.
It once took me 5 months to update and test a new version of a payroll system.
It took me 3 YEARS to update a database for Y2K.

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Lolololol ! !!! !!! !!
FREE ?!?!?!?! How??? What is the secret to playing Prominence poker for free? Please Please tell me. I am eagerly awaiting your response since I’ve already blown over $300 on this scam

They’re probably not updating anything important yet it’s taken more than a day with a delayed eta 3 seperate times. So it’s not whining its just ridiculous

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Ok I have to hear this one how has it cost you 300 dollars

It is rediculous i dont know what you do for a living but delays happen beyond your control and and if maintenance is not done we would have no game to play have fun enjoy its back up

In all these years you really think they will make another game??? How hopeful can you be lol

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Very pipework has taken control back and is making changes its closer to happening then its been in a long time

The game is free to play ! If you decide you need to buy chips or boosts that’s in you . I don’t know how you could put 300 into a free game that has nothing but a bunch of fish playing it . ???


Some people pay for boosts and chips etc… its freemium.

I will whine as much as I want. I think its sad you are letting other peoples feelings get to you.

This is the 2nd poker game written by Pipeworks. The first was designed to run on the older versions of Xbox and Playstation, Why shouldn’t they write a new version for the next generation of Xbox and Playstation?

Lose hope. This game is going no where fast. To hope for a prominence 3 is a long shot. Despite all the neigh sayers.

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Do you know how to play poker? I have not spent a dime and i’ve been playing a year!