Steam connection bug

​Hi, first of all I’ve already reached out to you via the ‘Contact Us’ form multiple times. It was really discouraging that you didn’t answer me even once. But now I found this forum. I hope I’ll have more luck here.

I have multiple topics to discuss, but for now I start with the most pressing one: on Steam the game prompts a connection error and after that a re-enter EVERY MINUTE. And I’m not even exaggerating.

It looks as follows: In the main menu it’s not that frequent, but who stays at the main menu for a longer time anyway, right? But if I go to the shop for example and I’m spending more than a minute deciding what to buy, then if I try to buy something then I get a connection error, the purchase is unsuccessful and I have to re-enter, but this happens even IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME. In the middle of a game if for instance my table item is expired and I want to refill it, then if I do, it’ll be unsuccessful and I’m getting prompted to re-enter, in the middle of a game. Usually a ranked game. Lovely, isn’t it? And I’m just getting started. Oh boy.

I usually play ranked games, so I didn’t test this with every menu point, but if I’m in the ranked games menu and doing nothing, just waiting there more than a single minute, then I want to enter the ranked lobby, the game prompts me to re-enter. If I’m in the ranked lobby and I don’t interact (changing the game scene, exiting from the lobby, switching table (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond) ) just waiting for less than a minute then I want to interact, then the game prompts me to re-enter. And I repeat, I’m not exaggerating things here. If I didn’t interact then everything looks fine, except the game is frozen and I’m no longer getting updates of others entering the lobby or anything. The game shows that I’m there, but the connection is already lost. If I interact then it prompts me immediately.

The only thing after this massive bug gets me going is that I love playing with the game, but I’m on my limits already. About an hour ago I lost the absolute best hand (9 quads) in a ranked game and fell behind on chips, just because the game thought I must re-enter the game, (and I wasn’t even inactive, in fact, I just bet my hand) and when I get back to the table I already lost the hand because my opponent re-raised me and I wasn’t able to call it or more likely to go all-in myself and won on the spot. Then I had to continue playing on that table after this cool-headed. Not an easy task on its own, let alone when you feel even the game itself is against you. Not fair play at all.

So to wrap this up a little: I have to re-enter the game because of “lost connection” every half a minute if I were inactive (just waiting) if I’m in the menu, even in the lobby. Also I have to re-enter if I try to buy anything from the shop (it’s working on the second try after I re-entered just before), and even after every game. Yes. If I finish at a ranked tournament or head to head table I immediately have to re-enter. I can’t even see the result screen because of the “lost connection” message. If it would be a little transparent that would be nice. At least I’d see what’s behind it, because I see that message a lot, I’m telling you. And last, but not least there’s this random prompt during a game when I don’t even do anything particular, but I still have to re-enter from time to time. Oh, I almost forgot: even while I’m trying to re-enter it sometimes prompts me to re-enter :slight_smile:, so basically sometimes I have to re-enter twice, because the first try fails. That’s my favorite.

To be fair I’m using my internet very extensively, but there has to be enough bandwidth for the game. Also, I don’t think a busy network connection would be an excuse for all this. And secondly, my internet may be a little shaky. I’m not sure how good its “continuity”. Maybe sometimes it disconnects for a moment. Again, I’m not sure. It doesn’t really show in any other way, but maybe. But again, I don’t think even this would be a good excuse for all that.

Sorry for the long post. I was just trying to be detailed, and also, I’m really really frustrated with the game as it is now. I am truly hoping this thing can be identified and it’s getting fixed soon, because it makes me frustrated. I’m just trying to play a good game of poker and I’m feeling like I can’t. Thank you for your attention. I really do appreciate it.

The next time you have trouble trying to buy/refill something, please go to Help & Options > Support and click Send Log. And if doing that takes you back to the title screen, please try again a couple times. Then email for customer support.

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Thank you very much! I’ll try that tomorrow as early as I can. And what should I include in the customer support mail? Should I refer to this post and the log I sent?

Yes, just mention this post and that you sent a log.

Alright. Thank you! Btw it’s not really a question whether I’ll have trouble with it. It happens every time if I wait one minute in the shop & stash. I’ve just already reproduce it and have sent the log. I think I’ll write the mail now so I’ll get this over with sooner. Thanks again!

Edit: Mail is sent.

I don’t want to look ungrateful or impatient, but I still didn’t get any reply to my mail in which I’m seeking help. You might already working on it, or anything, but not replying at all is the worst response.

Also, I would like to add a new thing to what has been said so far: recently I played a ranked game (head to head). The pairing was made, but the game didn’t start, it loaded more than it should. I had already experienced this before, when a ranked tournament loaded longer, I waited a few minutes then I went back, when the game prompted me to re-enter, and when I was finally connected to the game the first 2 hand was already concluded. Thus, I thought now I’ll be faster to react and I pressed back while the game was “loading” (what I saw is one of the player is glowing red and the other is glowing yellow). When I hit “back” the game loaded shortly, and what I saw was the RESULT SCREEN, because I lost that game on the spot because of me hitting the back button. I wasn’t even there in the game. I didn’t even open the menu to exit. I exited from the game just like this. Delightful. This bug never fails to impress me more and more. Good to know that if I’m still technically in the lobby waiting for the game to start, but the game has already started without me being aware of it and I press the back button only once, then I immediately lose on the spot. I really like this feature.

If no one else is having this problem, then the problem is with your system.
Do you have a virus protection package running on your PC 24/7? This sounds like a virus has infected your computer.
Is your second and third level software packages updated to the current versions? Are your drivers all current? How about the AMD suite of programs?
Any of these items can affect the video presentation on your PC.
My suggestion would be to take your CPU to a electronics store and have their onsite technical staff verify that you have a updated, clean CPU.

I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like it’s a virus at all for me. :sweat_smile: It’s more on my internet load. There has to be some latency and/or disconnectivity going on, which Prominence handles terribly. Most likely that’s the issue. I think you can reproduce it. Just download or upload something in the background with high speed and Prominence will lose it.

Regarding your questions: I have Windows Security. I don’t think I need anything else. I don’t know what “second and third level software” means, but everything is up-to-date I believe. Drivers don’t really get that many updates, but I guess they’re up-to-date. I have an AMD Radeon Software, I don’t know why you know about it, but it’s up-to-date too. Personally, I don’t think it has anything to do with these.