What the hell does that supposed to mean?

Can someone clarify this please?

I was playing ranked tournament and lost my server connection and was placed in 'sot-out mode. I received this message when I attempted to rejoin the game and the tournament ha d already ended.
I’ve als seen it happen when Xcox Live has an issue.

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Ah, thank you for your insight on this. However, these cannot be the causes for me, because it’s not a connectivity issue on Steam, since this only occurs under certain circumstances. And also, the said game didn’t even started. I was only in the lobby.

Thus, I’m extremely curious. I’m looking forward to a response from a developer, because I think it’s abnormal that I get these in the lobby.

That sounds odd.
As a former programmer. it would be helpful when reporting a problem, that you detail the circumstances as you did in your second post,

You’re telling me!

I don’t think there are a lot of cases where this is the game’s response, but okay. Ranked heads up it is. While I’m waiting for a player sometimes certain type of players (with a specific behavior) show up and if I get paired with them, then before the game starts to load (before the blue bar shows up) this message is what I get and the game gets stuck at this state. If I click the Ok button the message disappears, but I’m still paired with that player and it won’t start loading. If I try to go back to cancel this game the Back button stays grayed out and it won’t go back. All I can do is force stop the game and reopen it. That’s it.