Bug? Won't let me play a ranked 6 player tournament

When I click on ranked games (I’m in platinum) it just sits there and shows no one sitting at any table. I tried head to head and it works, it’s just the 6 player tournament that seems to be messing up.


Same for me for the last few hours - I think 6-player tourneys are just broken right now.


I’m having same crash on ranked H2H.

Sucks because I really want to hit the next rank on tourney & I need a few good games.


Happening to me too on both 6 player ranked and H2H (I’m on Xbox)

Also having some strangeness at the casual tables. Only started today, but I’ll join a table and a persons timer will run down and then just hang above the players head. No other action happening. It doesn’t auto check/fold, just sits there. So I try and exit the game and it won’t let me. Have to force quit the game and reload and hope the next table i join doesn’t do the same thing. Proper annoying!

Im diamond and it’s doing the same thing to me as well. Anyone know whats going on?

I can’t get on ranked tourneys ??? Gold player ??? Please help

No idea it’s doing my head in I’ve sent a message to them but heard nothing back ??

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Where do we go to report a problem?

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Same here. Came on here to check. Bummer man.
Restarted, switched user to another, can’t get in to tables.

C’mon man! Day off tomorrow, and gin is on ice :smiley:

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I can’t get in to the Bronze ranked games. Are they still down, or is it something I’m doing wrong?

The ranked tournaments will not be availbe for the next 24 hours beginning at 5pm pdt. This happens every month, on the day before month end.
There maybe a lock on new games starting, to provide time for all games to complete