Solo is 90% unplayable for now, save yourself pain


The solo mode is good fun, even if you can’t earn any XP in that mode after level 1015 or whatever it is.

Prominence is currently suffering a number of new bugs.
The one that is most harmful to the solo mode appear related to certain animations. I have dozens of clips that show this.
Here’s one: Xbox Clips - View your xbox clips, Xbox game clips, and screenshots. The best xboxclips website! Better than - capn saccade playing Prominence Poker

When playing online, if your character (the game) freeze at any point, you can just force quit and rejoin when you restart the game.

This is not true for solo!

I had managed to get almost to the end of all level 6 before this last patch - since then, I cannot finish a game, it seems.
At some point - usually when someone is transitioning from one particular animation to the next - it slows the character down and you just have to hope it completes before the timer runs out, or the game will go bad.

(the muck timer also runs out for people who have automuck on)

When transitioning to the dealer animation - this is the most dangerous time.
If you have the emote menu open and you are the dealer - you are done.
If you have the mote menu open and you are also doing a raise - you are done.

The worst is - you have beaten everyone, then the guy transitions from master steeple to dealer and the game just freezes because you have a fullhouse that beats his flush… xD

Seriously, though - it is impossible for me to play solo and get the items I want, until this bug is fixed.

The heads twist at unreal angles, the dealer’s hands are inside the cards, which float over the table, before someone tposes and other decides to bet with their chair…

It’s like it’s release day all over again lol.

// i should mention that i have submitted a log through the game each time this happens, username capn saccade

TL;DR - don’t play solo unless you can handle being beaten by the bugs more than the players.

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I’ll piggyback this bug here, too, as I’ve noticed a few others mention it happening to them.

Cy did receive a notification in game that his issue was under investigation - thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m hoping this is now resolved to the Oct hotfix.

How can I mark it resolved?

Just delete it?

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You can edit the title I think. There you can include something like [SOLVED] at the start, for example. I don’t know.