Seriously.... change your algorithmes

This games is so ridiculous right now… you should rename the game : noob call and always win whatever the hand they got poker instead of prominence poker

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I agree but legal poker poker tactics is something that we all have to deal with. Having a kick feature means you have to have a table leader. Personally I just fold everything if I’m not on BB and the person that going all in leaves the table. Or you sometimes find an all in every hand player is doing it to complete a daily challenge like “play 30 games”. End of the day it’s not illegal for anyone who plays like this. You fold until your hand is good enough for the win.


Yes, I’m sure that the game has specifically selected you to lose, among all other players. Everybody else is always given the winning hands and you have been blacklisted and always dealt a losing hand.

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This continuing debate highlights the difference between playing cards and playing poker.

I can understand this reactionfrom a noob player but play poker with real money and maybe you’ll understand one day!

That’s the thing. When people don’t have anything at stake, when all the “money” is just imaginary, when people have absolutely nothing to lose, they play differently than if they had put actual money into it. They play recklessly, they play carelessly, they do all-ins with bad hands just to see if it will work (after all, they have nothing real to lose), they get frustrated when they lose a big bunch of their stack so they shove all in to try to compensate… People who play with their actual money don’t do that and they play more cautiously.

Thus, when you are playing game after game with 6-9 players, you start seeing the lucky all-ins more than you would in real poker games, and because of selection bias you remember those more than you remember all the games where they lost.


I would never play real poker…I’ve worked too hard to lose it foolishly. Real Poker players these days have an edge as do the noob players in these poker games. Cheaters will always get caught at one point and will be banned for life. You can bet on that !!

Try Story and Real Facts!!!

You have to understand…
1st of all this is a Game…
2nd No Real Money is involved…
3rd It’s not that serious to get up set playing a Game for Fake Money…IJS Bro Really…

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PP is a video game. Video games are played for entertain met.


I 1/2 disagree. I play on Prominence. I play at a local bar for free. I play with friends for money. There’s a good amount that play the same in any format. There’s loads that play just as crappy at casinos as at free games.

All I know is every other hand is a straight or a flush now. Saw at least twelve quads in two days and beat with them twice in an hour. I get what he’s saying.

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Video or it didn’t happen.

I honestly wish it didn’t happen. :flushed:

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Only problem with that is people pay real money for chips. So it is real money depending upon how you look at it. Semantics, home skillet. :v:

I really don’t think it’s the algorithms that ar e causing all the flushes and straights.
Slow play and trapping seem to be the new norm.
If the way I play is not working, then it is up to me to change the way I play.

Can someone explain a player level of 1,968 or more ??. It took me years to get to 75 and I play almost every day. This seems like some kind of cheat to get to that level so quickly. I must also have the worst luck as I lose 92% of the time. This is a daily average although I have gotten down to 89%…LMFAO…Dam hackers have the most fun.

Those that have level numbers over 3000 took advantage of a bug in the system on the first release on Xbox and Ps.
The rest of us used our chips to work our way thru all levels of the affiliation groups, won all the solo games, and purchases bonuses that allow us to increase our level numbers faster.
We 've also been playing since 2016. Indeed, we played on the previous version of Pipework’s poker which was released in 2013 and used the same rewards system.

I don’t know if it was a bug per se, just lack of foresight from the devs. You see, at some point people started noticing that if they refilled the entire table they were getting quite a sizeable amount of exp. So much so, in fact, that leveling up got them more money than they lost from the refills. Thus there was a several-week (I don’t remember how long exactly) period when everybody was outright spamming every single table with refills. (The effect was made worse to everybody by the fact that back then the game would show a message for each individual refill. Now imagine getting literally and without exaggeration several hundreds of refills in one single game.) People were literally gaining tens of levels on each game by spamming full-table refills.

The devs then nerfed down the amount of exp you get from a refill to stop that, but not before there were quite large amounts of players with levels in the thousands (something that under normal circumstances would have probably required several years of daily play).

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INSANE…I kept track and lost 210 hands…WTF…LMFAO…After losing that many hands I went right into my sniper 5 game. I blew the heads off of some card playing NAZI assholes to let some steam off. I felt a lot better afterwards…LOL