Time to change the algorithm

I’ve only been playing for about 3 months and your algorithm is now predictable. Same cards dealt - then the player 2 seats from you gets same hand, same result in flop and river - Switch it up abit.

The reason i stoped playing Ranked and Prominence Poker, is because of the Algorithm problems.
I experienced Bad Beats so often that it felt like an insult to me as a Poker player. (35 years experience)
I have 128 Million chips but dont play the game as i cant trust the cards.
Sad but true.

How hard is it to make a random deck. player next to u shares the same card or 1 card difference, too many times not to notice

Worse is when new players always get their card. If your at a table with all new players kiss it goodbye.

P.S. They don’t care about the deal algorithm, obviously.