Time to change the algorithm

I’ve only been playing for about 3 months and your algorithm is now predictable. Same cards dealt - then the player 2 seats from you gets same hand, same result in flop and river - Switch it up abit.

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The reason i stoped playing Ranked and Prominence Poker, is because of the Algorithm problems.
I experienced Bad Beats so often that it felt like an insult to me as a Poker player. (35 years experience)
I have 128 Million chips but dont play the game as i cant trust the cards.
Sad but true.

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How hard is it to make a random deck. player next to u shares the same card or 1 card difference, too many times not to notice

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Worse is when new players always get their card. If your at a table with all new players kiss it goodbye.

P.S. They don’t care about the deal algorithm, obviously.

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Still a problem. Getting dealt same cards from last deal with different suits or in reverse order. Come on! It can’t be that difficult to randomise the deal to a more realistic situation.

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Wait. So you say if it’d be “truly random” then that’d be impossible?

And rather obviously you have evidence of any of this?

I have stopped playing because the algorithm makes the game horrible, it is better without AI, the game would closest thing to reality, without AI, they save money in development and they would have many more people playing

What AI do you refer to?

Please explain how a algorithm is responsible for the outcome of a game of poker. Every player at the table is dealt their hole cards from the same deck of cards. The algorithm has no control over which palavers are going to raise, check or fold.
I play this video game for entertainment, and when I lose it’s just part of the game.
Hold-em Poker is a game against people.

What “algorithm” are you talking about, exactly?

Any algorithm. My suggestion is that to blame the algorithim is to assert that Hold-em poker is a card game dependent on the sequence of cards. dealt.
It is not! It’s a game of chance, luck and skill