Release Notes May 2022

We are keeping our cards close to the chest but plan on going all-in on fresh content soon. Enjoy the new add-ons and start grinding because we’re almost ready to show our hand…

For our next update, we’d like to give you a hint:

A well-known high roller is getting ready to host you in THEIR house and the stakes are higher up there.

Release Notes May 2022

Changes and Improvements

  • Added new avatar items and table items
  • Added a Brightness setting in Help & Options > Video Settings
  • Added the Auto Muck setting in Help & Options > Game Settings
  • Menu music volume and venue music volume are now controlled separately in Help & Options > Audio Settings
  • Added the Menu Music Track setting in Help & Options > Audio Settings
  • Added the Avatar Voice setting in Help & Options > Audio Settings
  • Venue can now be selected in public Casual games
  • Unicode characters in player names are now displayed correctly on PC
  • Improved the appearance of translucent objects
  • Made several lighting adjustments
  • Made several performance optimizations to increase the frame rate


  • Various fixes to improve stability and reduce disconnections
  • Fixed several minor cosmetic and audio bugs

This is just EMBERASING.
Update after Update just do “Fixes”.
The community/players PLEA with you to ADD something Fresh and new to the game. And all that happens are fixes.
How tonedeaf can a company be !!!

Dude are you serious right now? This is a polished free game.

This game averages ~200 players. I doubt they’re making loads of money from the store.

You’re lucky they’re putting any resources towards a game with such a low playerbase.

They even said that they’re coming out with new content soon

Please remove the new “thump thump” when checking. An option to disable would be OK too. It’s annoying on TV speakers and worse when on headphones. If it matters I play and noticed this on Xbox.

Thank you.

Make a suggestion. My suggestion would be MTT. Bigger tournaments would be awesome!

I forgot to mention thank you for the auto muck. Enabled!

I appreciate the fact you guys still work on this game.


And WHY do you THINK that there is so FEW players ???
Because the game have been the same since summer 2018.
They only have themselves to blame for critizism and negative feedback.
Players have asked for new content for close to 4 years. And nothing have come of it. I have no sympathy with the creators of this game.

Why did you remove the ability to use an emote action during your turn?

??? 200 ???
currently on the fifth day of the new season on the bankroll section of the leaderboard on Xbox,
comparing my friends’ list to the number of players who have played at least 3 games, the total is at least 22,000 players!!!

Removing the ability to emote on your turn stinks. It was a useful feature for intimidating an opponent.

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I applauded the developers for blocking a player from delaying the game for everyone.

I love this game! Thanks for your continued efforts to improve it!

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Are we acting a little entitled there? How about you go to your bedroo m until you calm down, and we can talk about this again

Hey, thanks for the new update. Can’t wait for new features. Grooving to the new music inspired by Ennio Morricone! Will we be playing against “The Man With No Name” in the high roller room?

1 extra second saved vs entire removal of useful feature. You would applaud that, john, as it is clear now that you are in some way affiliated with the company and, with by far the most comments on this board have applauded everything about the game.

You’ve made at least a half dozen comments revealing info only someone with insider knowledge could have and at least once responded to a question addressed to the PP admin team by answering “we”.

The weirdest reply though was the “congratulations” post, which was so entirety opposite of fact it was obvious sarcasm yet of the sort that revealed the admins do have the ability to set a targeted player to have the lowest possible odds.

What a weird thing to build into the game. Of course the admins will deny it and probably John too, which he couldn’t possibly know without insider knowledge.

Reviews are accurate, algorithm is dung. Verily.