PS4 Update Patch Notes (9/27/21)

As some of our players may have noticed, accompanying yesterday’s maintenance was a game update for PS4. Thanks again for your patience yesterday and, as always, thanks for playing! Here are the patch notes for the update:

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Unreal Engine from version 4.12 to 4.26 in preparation for adding new features
  • Added Customer Support screen (Main Menu / Help & Options / Support)
  • Reduced the chances of failing to accept an invite
  • Improved scrolling of items in the store
  • Improved shadow quality
  • Added a button prompt for switching gender on the gender select screen


  • Disabled joining the ranked prelobby via invite
  • Fixed prelobby participant tab button showing when the participant list is not visible
  • Fixed incorrect tournament payout display when a player joins the lobby
  • Fixed featured item change sound continuing to play past the Featured Item screen
  • Fixed a soft lock when leaving a table
  • Fixed missing hole card display when rejoining the session after being disconnected
  • Fixed some localized text
  • Fixed some missing UI sound effects
  • Fixed some minor visual UI bugs
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