Maintenance Over?

It’s a hour after scheduled maintenance was performed; I have restarted my ps4 just to make sure the game will work but it still won’t let me enter prominence. Am I going to have to wait til 9am EST before I can play??


You’ll be waiting longer than that bud. They’re being slow for no reason. It’s not like they’re gonna add something that amazing to the game probably just fixing stupid bugs. No reason this should be taking this long

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Probably adding new microtransactions lol who knows but damn hope the wait is worth it.

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New eta 1am et. Hopefully its up by tomorrow. Time to find a new poker app, any suggestions?

Hold em Fold via Phone app :woman_shrugging:t5: There is another poker game on Ps4 but it cos $25 and you need PS Plus to play it. Lookin like that’s the move.

Poker Club? It’s not as good as prominence poker and the controls are tricky.

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