Long Tournament Loading Time

The loading time of tournament is way too long since last couple of days. It was fine before and for some reason I cant play Head to Head Tournament. it says game does not exist.

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Yes, exactly, that too now. I didn’t want to say more at first because nothing was done about the constant crashes and attackers were able to shameless wreak havoc. But if others also say something, then I agree.

It sucks! For a few days now, loading has been taking longer until the start of the tournament. This means that we can no longer escape the attacks because we are stuck in the loading process until the bot comes in and freezes all players. Pipeworks, if that’s all you can do, please don’t do anything! This doesn’t help anyone, it just depresses the player even more.

Life now looks like this: you can only get into the lobby 1 vs 1 when this “Chips for Sail” stops the bot so that it can get in and artificially rank up its accounts with points.
But if other players are waiting there for a game, they are in his way and so he switches the bot back on and no one, not even he, has a chance to start a game. Not with these long loading times.

It is true that something needs to be done and has been for months! But please don’t do that, it will finally finish off the normal players and strengthen the perpetrator even more.

Please don’t ignore us, there may not be that many users on Steam, but we also have a reason to exist.


PipeWorks has no control over where or when players play.
H2H is the least popular form of poker and at the start of Esch month, everyone is having fun playing elsewhere