Can't play head to head tournament

There is a person who is preventing us from playing head to head tournament. He keeps appearing and the game says ( Game does not exist ). The game freeze after that. Can you please solve this issue.


There are already a lot of complaints about this on Reddit, but so far there doesn’t seem to be a solution. It’s sad that the crazy man can wreak havoc there for so long. I haven’t been able to play H2H yet this season.

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I think i found this guy this is his steam account

i also found two guys very suspicious, maybe the same guy? Their steam accounts:

It’s this one: Steam Community :: 󠀡󠀡Staz C. Blood Apparently he called himself like a player that already exists. But I’ve already caught this account once. It definitely is.

I played with Staz he is an old player and has almost 8k hours in dota2. i doubt it is him. i think it is justice. there is no account detail in his (justice) id.

Now he renamed himself as Staz. This guy is watching all the feeds.

Unfortunately, that’s apparently how it is. The culprit apparently also reads and writes here.

There is reason to believe that this attacker is a player named Chips4Sale. He wants the H2H area to himself so he can do what he does there. We must not allow this. Reddit - Dive into anything