Game froze and stuck

hi me and my friends were in a 1 mill tourn game froze with 3 of us left, so we all quit 2 of my friends ended up getting back in but had to quit the game and take 3rd and 2nd place prize but i couldnt get in and now everytime i load up the game it keeps trying to put me back in the same tourny even tho it has finished. i uninstalled the game re installed the game deleted saved data but still the same everytime i load the game up it automatically puts me to the tounry i cant play can quit plz help me.

im on xbox by the way

please can someone help me i want to play poker again do anyone know how to fix my problem

When it puts you back in the game, have you tried this: press ‘menu’ on the controller and selected ‘exit’?

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it dont put me back in the game it just keeps loading like it is but it doesnt

Unplug the console, wait 15 seconds and plug the console back in. This will restore the manufactures defaults.

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tried that still doesnt work tyvm for trying to help me

i tried that and uninstalled the game twice deleted saved data and yet soon as i reload the game it puts me in the tournament which wont load . and cant get to main menu

Ok, all multiplayer games (PP) are played on a publisher’s server. Currently, PipeWorks publishes PP on their own severs. Your issue is occurring on a PipeWorks server.
If you go to the start menu of PP, at the bottom is a HELP selection, then there is a selection labeled CONTACT US.
Because you can no longer get to the start menu, here are 2 ways to contact PipeWorks:

hope that helps

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Hi there, apologies for the inconvenience. Our dev team can assist with this if you contact us at