About flop turn river kind a opend card

Too often the same card is opened until the board flop turn river. For example A44 556 QQA AJ77J AAKJK K55 442 224 288 and so on I am a diamond user in ranked tournaments, ranked 1st, and am a platinum or higher user every season
Is there a problem with the algorithm that the same card is opened from the flop to the turn river? It appears more often in Silver Rank and Gold Rank, and this phenomenon occurs too often in Platinum Rank Are you sure there is nothing wrong with the algorithm?
In ranked tournaments, one hand is really important in a platinum or higher game, and the blinds continue to rise on chips starting with 10k.
Even if it is 3.4K, there are many cases where 3 people play, and if that happens, it is almost an all-in showdown game, but this is not so perfect.
If there is really no problem with the card algorithm that opens up to the flop turn river, it can only be inferred that some of the users use a cheat engine
Please review carefully P.S korean user kimflow

will Prominence Poker fix it