Vote to kick option at table

Sometimes you get the occasional troll who likes to go all in every round and force people to fold, or a cheater. So it would be nice to at least have a vote to kick option for when someone comes in and ruin a good game!:frowning:

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Would be nice but I dont see that happening. The game is free and some are just Aholes. It happens more on the lower $ tables not that it doesn’t happen on 100k and above it happens much less there I hate it too. GL have fun I do


Yeh, they usually end up getting done…sometimes I wish there was a slap over the head function/response tho.


One of the delightful fascinations of PP, on such an international stage, is the differences in player strategy.
No-limit Hold-em Poker is a ‘people game’, played with cards.

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Normally I just wait till I have a decent pair of cards and see what happens

Last night a player was pre-flop raising every hand until I went all in with AA just to see what he did. He folded faster then my deckchair in winter


Or they come in go all in win the hand and sit out for duration of game come back play one hand leave again . Rinse and repeat till they get in top three. Sometimes top two . Really need a button for that one

You’re so right collaboration happens alot on there and then you got the ones that come in and sit there because they aren’t good enough to place in top three for points . I’ve seen them come in play one hand keep count of folds then play another hand . Without again and repeat. To me that’s cheating and rude By the way I am talking tournament play .

Bluff, when you fold all the time other players note your tell and take advantage of it

Ah, Joe, you’re still hung-up on this farmer thing.
I completed my work experience as a Data Base Administrator at Stanford University.
And after living on a sailboat in the SF Bay for 12 years, at 60 I sailed from SF to the Caribbean Sea via the Panama Canal for an additional 10 years.
Joe, try to accept the opinions of others.

Sometimes people do that to finish a level up or daily challenge quickly.

Definitely! The game would be so much more fun and interactive. Slaps would be good but some people need a bat.