So sick of these players

What is the point of these ridiculous enormous bets? Every time I have a decent hand and make a bet 2 to 3 times the blind, some jerk raises to 10 xs the blind or more. WHY?! You can win without being a total jerk. It forces one to fold decent hands or call risky ridiculous AMATEURISH bets. All in every other hand. Tells me a huge portion of the players are just mean spirited.

Was it by chance a large stack versus a small stack? Then this tactic means that the little one doesn’t dare to participate and goes out. In this way you can bring the game to an end when it is almost decided. In this case, the little one has to wait with as good a hand as possible until he is attacked and then go all in. The chance doesn’t get any better.

I think they act way better in prominence then in some of the real money online games like wsop, where you literally have someone betting every single hand for the first half of any tournament because that can buy back in for that long usually