I found a bug in the poker gameplay

Btw, what’s the lowest stack your opponent’s have after which you still came out losing? For me it’s 500. The blind was 600 and I lost that match. Lovely.

Let’s get to the point. When your opponent has less chips than the big blind, but more than the small blind, and in the next turn they will be the big blind, then the game automatically proceeds to a showdown, even without me calling the big blind. This is wrong, since I didn’t call their all-in, even if my opponent has less than the BB, I should still be able to fold, obviously, because I was yet to put the same amount in the pot. And what also indicates that it’s wrong, is that when they won their stack didn’t exactly doubled up. They won less than their stack, because they only won my small blind, which was less than their stack, which is wrong: I risked less chips then they on that hand, which is against the rules of poker.

And if I had been able to fold that hand, maybe (just maybe) I wouldn’t have lost in such a ridiculous way. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows.

Not sure what happened, but this isn’t the first bug. ‘Oops’ and ‘Clairvoyant’ are still inconsistent. Getting either one sometimes, when it is invalid. I think the logic in some of the updates messed things up and they are not willing to fix the issues. Maybe for yours they will fix it unless it doesn’t show up every time. Sorry for your troubles. Game on!


Seconded, this still isn’t working right