Report a Prominence Poker Bug

Since the update a few days ago, when i try to join a room with friends it kicks us back to the game home screen. If we join alone the game will load but as a group it will not load and kicks us back to home screen.


We are investigating reported issues with the pre-lobby system. Until we can get a permanent fix, this is what we have identified as a workaround:

A player can host a lobby and then invite any friends (the issue is not observed) because the issue seems to occur only when a player invites another player from the pre-lobby.

So in other words, you can start queuing for a match and then invite your friend. When queuing, you will see a prompt in the bottom left-hand corner to invite a friend. This goes for any type of match – friends only or public.


Game Completely freezes for me, even when I use this work around. I get into a game with my friend, then give it about 2 minutes in, and it completely freezes the game.


I play Prominence Poker on the Xbox series S i am hardwired into my internet connection i am trying to play with my friend but says server connection error. are servers down right now?


My Xbox PP is OK at 2pm pt.

i was awarded clairvoyance in a hand i wouldve had the nuts in lmao

I keep having a pop up every time I play a round of poker. It’s saying my internet connection was lost. My internet is fine on all of my other games. What do I do? Do I reset and redownload the game?

multiplayer video games require faster response times! than other websites on the internet. Contact your internet provider for help,

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Nah, it’s not about the speed. If there’s any continuity break in your internet connection the game prompts you to re-enter to the whole game instead of trying to reconnect silently. It’s completely unnecessary to “enter to the game” in Steam to begin with, because here you don’t have to select a game profile. This connection error handling is just sooo bad. Straight out dreadful. During one of these “re-enters” I usually skip about 2 hands. Ridiculous.

If other people are not experiencing interruptions and you are, suggests that the issue is not a PP issue.
Over the internet, there is NEVER a continuous connection, indeed, a single message is sent as several packets. The receiver sends a message back to the sebder to verify the receipt of the message and this back and forth is timed.
It appears that you are playing on a PC. If so, go to Google or Bing) and search for “Xfinity Speed Test”. Run both upload and download several; times and tell us the results.

What? The guy above your comment experienced it as well, no?

What I meant that there could be a delay or package loss which causes some weird connection issue, which is not the problem here. The way PP handles it is the problem. Just turn off your internet while the game is running. The game will kick you out to re-enter, which is unnecessary… The game should just wait and try to reconnect. There’s no need for anything else. Maybe something that informs the user that there’s no connection with the server, but that’s it.

The problem I have could come either from my PC, my router, or my ISP. It’s not that obvious. But I tried with an other PC on the network and it has the same issue, so it’s either the router or the ISP/network quality. But knowing that is not helping.

Here you go:

But that’s just an average. You can’t see the long time stability of the connection…

My download sped is 196 !!! Upload is 11.7!! that’s via a wi-fi connection.
I can help you improve your connection–let me know.

Her is print out from another test
azing Fast

Upload Speed 11.5 Mbps

Download speed
238.8 Mb

Bug: Very very very often instead of “OOPS” being displayed when I’ve folded the winning hand it reads “Clairvoyant”

And also the other way around. It sometimes gives me oops while I didn’t stand any chance with my cards.

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This happened to me today. Got an oops when I did not have anything near the winning hand.

Oh, you didn’t stay around for runner runner flush, or chase down runner runner straight… ? OOPS!

OOPS should go away, it encourages bad play.

I play on Xbox One and in the past couple of months playing I noticed that I receive “Oops” points when I didn’t have the best hand. Not complaining about the extra rep points, but no one seems to have reported this since it is still happening today. Thanks.

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I recently reported a configured rep points for the “Oops” rep. What I forgot to mention also is that sometimes I receive “Clairvoyant” after I fold a hand, but had a winning set.

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They probably kick you out to be fair to give another player your spot. Especially, if it takes a long time to reconnect. Though, it would be pretty reasonable to let you get two-three cycles to reconnect before kicking you totally out.

Hi. I always stuck in first loading screen.

Strangely, I can start the game client after 1 hour.
So nowadays I wait 1 hour and get into the game.
But my patience is running out. Because I tried everything to solve this problem. Please help me.

Below items are just what I did.

  • Reinstall game
  • Upgrade graphic driver
  • Verify integrity of game
  • Delete the game files in %appdata%
  • Suspend antivirus
  • Add to Firewall exceptions