Report a Prominence Poker Bug

Since the update a few days ago, when i try to join a room with friends it kicks us back to the game home screen. If we join alone the game will load but as a group it will not load and kicks us back to home screen.


We are investigating reported issues with the pre-lobby system. Until we can get a permanent fix, this is what we have identified as a workaround:

A player can host a lobby and then invite any friends (the issue is not observed) because the issue seems to occur only when a player invites another player from the pre-lobby.

So in other words, you can start queuing for a match and then invite your friend. When queuing, you will see a prompt in the bottom left-hand corner to invite a friend. This goes for any type of match – friends only or public.


Game Completely freezes for me, even when I use this work around. I get into a game with my friend, then give it about 2 minutes in, and it completely freezes the game.