Change My Rating

How do you charge your rank? It says I’ve got to up my :heart: rank, but not sure how.

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what are you trying to do when you receive this message? What is your current rank?

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I think it’s about you’re ready to rank up in your Affiliation. You can do so if you go from the main menu to Persona > Affiliation. There you can rank up in exchange for few chips, and you can even change your affiliation and rank them up as well by playing the game! If you’re ready to rank up, but you didn’t, then all of your gained exp is wasted until you rank up. Hope this helps.


Epyxoid is correct follow his instructions and congratulations have fun

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Yeah my heart’s affiliation says I’m at max on rank 1, went to affiliation, don’t see where to rank up. I’m at lwv l 21 and rank 1 in solo mode, I defeated bosses and henchmen in all but spades. Says I maxed rep points and need to rank up

There should be a button around here: