Prominence Poker Game Update – Valentine's Day

The Valentine’s Day Update

Happy Valentine’s Day — you’ve got our whole hearts (and clubs, spades, and diamonds)!

Of course, we’ve brought lovely gifts for all our Valentines in the community: Enjoy the Valentine’s Day Gift Box, the Strawberry Shake, and the Lovely Martini, all available in the Shop & Stash now. Additionally, all players who log in between Friday, Feb. 10, and Tuesday, Feb. 14, will receive a free three-day boost, courtesy of The Mayor!

Cause a stir at the tables with the new Lovely Martini — act fast before it’s gone, otherwise you’ll be left shaken!

The “Bundles” menu with the lovely new items.

If you’re the type who prefers to save their chips for the tables, you can snag all the new items by purchasing bundles offered in the Shop & Stash! These bundles will be limited-time offerings, so don’t bluff — move swiftly before they leave the store!

If Mayor status isn’t enough for you, we’ve got a President’s Day chip sale coming Feb. 17 – 21! Players can enjoy 25% off on the Boss of All Bosses, Boss, and Earner Bundles during this period.

We’ll have even more content for you soon. Over the next few months, players can look forward to quality-of-life improvements implemented using feedback from the community, along with new table & clothing items.

Until then, follow our official social media and community forums for more!

Release Notes – Feb. 9, 2023

  • New panel to display REP information. Players can use the thumbs-up icon next to the shop icon while at the tables
  • Items will now always be featured in the Featured Items area of the Shop & Stash
  • Made performance optimizations to increase frame rate
  • Fixes to improve player interruptions with disconnections