Prominence Poker Game Update - The Deal

Greetings, Tourists and Prominence Pros!

The dog days of summer are behind us, so that means it’s time for our fall update! Today’s update sets the table for what’s to come over the next few months.

As soon as you launch Prominence, you’ll notice one big change: The Deal screen. The Deal screen serves as a message of the day, notifying players of featured bounties, events, and new content since your last login. Think of it as our way of dealing you in on what’s new with Prominence!

September and October are primed to be busy months for the city of Prominence. Starting with our Oktoberfest event on Wednesday, Sept. 13, you’ll begin seeing more items, events, emotes, and, yes, bounties! And let’s not forget: everyone’s beloved season of chills and thrills is lurking just around the bend!

Upcoming seasonal events include the ability to stack bonuses for multiple avatar and table items — don’t miss out on all that’s offered in your mission to rack up more REP!

New Most Wanted Bounties offer exclusive table and avatar items you can’t get anywhere else. These bounties are only available for limited windows, so don’t forget to check The Deal regularly once September rolls around!

Last but not least: Players who log in between now and Tuesday, Aug. 29, can enjoy a free three-day boost, courtesy of The Mayor.

Until next time!

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Release Notes – Aug. 23, 2023

Changes, Improvements & Fixes

  • Added The Deal screen: Keep up to date on events, challenges, items and game news with The Deal

  • Added Most Wanted Bounties: Challenges that award items upon completion

  • Added Multi-Item Events: Players can stack required event items for more REP

  • Added event icons on active event-eligible items in the Shop & Stash

  • Added the ability to send in-game invites

  • Fixed various bugs

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更新游戏完之后 我登入游戏发现我的筹码都全部减少了 我不明白官方你什么意思
请你给我一个答复 我没筹码了

请你查一下记录为什么我的筹码莫名的消失 请给我一个理由

When are the new-style bounties going to appear on The Deal?

They’ll start showing up in mid-September! :slight_smile: