Prominence / Game and trophy

I think, I’m even certain that this game deserves a platinum trophy. when you see how difficult it is to get the “billionaire” trophy (which is just a bronze trophy?) you also made sure to see the player sway before playing. would it not be wiser to hide the movements before play example (fold, raise, check). These hands should not be shown because it influences the decisions of other players on the table

I totally agree, but free games aren’t allowed to award Platinum trophies.

there is a wide choice of free games on the platation store that have the platinum trophy

Platinum trophies are not allowed for free to play (freemium) games. If there are any such games with Platinum trophies, they had to have gotten special permission for it. This does not include games that are normally not free but are free to you through PS Plus. Do you know of any freemium games with Platinum trophies?

yes , for example pure pool, fortnite , fall guys , warface, apex