PC Video Problems

Hello - I am curious if there are any plans to improve the graphics on PC? I read through several posts on Steam, and this seems to be a common issue. We have multiple computers with various performance specs.

My gaming rig runs the game fine, but the GPU (RTX 3080) is maxed and it runs very hot when playing this game (no problems with many other games). My surface book has great specs, but the GPU (Intel UHD 620) runs at 100% causing the fan to kick into high gear and the laptop gets piping hot Putting the settings to ultra low does not make an impact on GPU usage, it just decreases video quality. Same for our TV computer - ultra low (looks terrible), GPU is maxed.

So glad you guys are back and development has resumed. Looking forward to see what’s to come!

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We’re working with Epic Games (makers of Unreal Engine which is what Prominence is built on) to figure out why this is happening. Prominence isn’t very graphically complex and shouldn’t be taxing modern gpus like that.

Anyone who has this problem, please post here or DM me here with your Steam name, and use the Send Log button on the Support screen in the game to send us a game log. That will help us track this down.

Does it run cooler if you switch to Windowed mode?


No, I tried all modes and visual settings.

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Also worth adding that this constant 99-100% utilization starts as soon as you launch the game. Splash movie, menu screen, and in-game - all the same. I am limited to one picture per post. So here is my usage before launching the game:

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…And here is my usage after launching the game:

Direct X 12, NVIDIA Driver 471.41 (issue existed on previous versions as well).

Let me know if you need any additional information.