Game Freeze issue

I have Pc specifications :
core i7 4th generation
intel hd graphics 4600
8gb ram

but my game always freeze after every 15 minutes

before your big rooftop update i didnt face freezing issue
but now after rooftop came
my game is freeze.
kindly optimize your game

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Send a email to

What they said. We can dig deeper into this if you send in an email.

We haven’t had reports like this from other players on PC, so it sounds like it might be on the user end, but we can still do our best to assist and maybe uncover info that can help our devs in the future.

i uninstall the game and again reinstall it
but game is still freezing
i play other games of steam but they wont freeze
only prominence poker always freeze after 15 minutes
kindly Think about i appreciate it your game is going good day by Day

It may help the devs if those reporting problems would provide more information,
what platform are you on?
who is your internet provider?
can you still play other multiplayer games? witch ones?
what was the game doing when it froze? Any messages displayed?

My car doesn’t work fix it.

Hi Guys…!!!
i am user of prominence poker i am playing it since 4 to 5 years
but i noticed some players have a lot of luck here
i am from Pakistan
my server must be Asian
but i noticed you dont like asian server thats why there is no luck in our side
some players like
Mr.white and Ranksy have alot of luck if they raise in start with Aces
they 100% get A on flop cards
this js very unfair
i lost 16M in recent days
people have a lot of luck in every hands
i always fold every cards
i think you should give prefer to oht server as well
and kindly check Mr white and ranksy are hacker or not
i dont think how much luck has. one person get…

every time has no bad luck…
atleast game should have time to win
its all about severs game
i played before Fresh deck poker game on ios
there was. same issues
always american servers player wins and asian servers players lost

I know its rigged game
but kindly make rigged for everyone not asian players only

when i always go to table
i win just 2 hands out of 30
its called bad luck?
same person wins many hands in a row …
i am software Engineer i know Algothrims
but kindly make fair for everyone not only few players

so I can’t say that some players are luckier than others. I also had seven days of bad luck and then one day of luck and then just bad luck again.
That’s the way it is…
I know Mr.white and Ranksy from the game and they certainly don’t cheat.
The two play very risky and have bad statistics every month.