More on "Fake" Poker Accusations... (from a programmer)

So let’s sum this up: “It is possible that there’s something wrong with the game’s randomness and it is noticeable.”

Although, I don’t perceive it myself, but I think it’s safe to say that there might be others who better at this, so I’m with you on this one. Cryptography is not self-evident, and it requires prudence and knowledge in that specific field, which the developers might lack. It’s entirely conceivable. But. Every developer would’ve made the same mistake and

is far-fetched for me. I’m not sure what do you mean by that, but I find it hard to believe that there’s no (online) game in existence that has flawless (unnoticeably, seemingly perfect) randomness. It’s not that hard to implement. Not to mention developers can get a certificate which proves the legitimacy of their shuffling. I don’t know how trustworthy it is, but at least it’s something. This could be a solution here as well. Probably. Or at least a step in the right direction.

Worry not, we saw your message. At least I did for sure. Either way, there’s absolutely no need to restate everything what you already wrote once. Raise awareness, not tension.

Like someone once said, in the world of video poker, this game is the rake.

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Thank You for writing this. I enjoy PP…just really needs a solid update. Maybe PP2
Idk…again. Very nice article- c u at the tables

I didn’t mean to like your comment because that long blog post is correct

Nice post. All reasonable and accurate. One contention with…

There are patterns recognizable, and one rig that is blatantly obvious is the game regularly favors low ranking players. Intended to solicit further play no doubt. As for integrity of the deal, PP has already made it clear that they have zero intentions of changing the deal. It’s Bad Beat Poker with a side of woke, but it has the best environment, for now. Join the long line of real poker enthusiasts waiting for the replacement, friend.

I really am sick of the fact that every single time that programmatically generated randomness is the topic of discussion, some smartass will always jump with the “it’s PSEUDO random number generator!!!” and “it’s not possible to achieve TRUE randomness with a program!!!”, as if that had absolutely anything to do with the quality of the randomness.

Obviously these smartasses never explain how they determine the level of quality of generated random numbers, and why PRNGs are of “lower quality” than supposed “true” sources of randomness, because they have no idea what they are talking about. They just love to sound smart by writing an essay about how “pseudo” rngs work and why they aren’t “true” rngs, as if that had any relevance whatsoever, when the question is about the quality of the randomness.

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Dude, the cards aren’t dealt randomly at all. They’re calculating percentages and/or other player variables, that much is obvious. Why they think that’s the gold standard is the real debate, since it also ruins the game for people who play a lot. It really is great in every other way and I’ve no doubt they’d have a huge, loyal base of supporters if the deal was random. But it’s not and PP has stated plainly that changing the way the cards are allocated is off the table and not up for debate.

And your evidence for this is what, exactly? People whining about getting bad beats?

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Won’t disclose source, and if you have enough knowledge and experience with the game it becomes obvious anyway, just as the noob favor.

As for the algorithm being off the table, the Mayor said that here.

That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

I dont think anything about this game is random. For one thing there is to many face cards on the board every hand . Math says there are way more cards in the 2-10 group then the J-A group. Since ive been playing this game since 2016 after wsop went off server i can tell you this game has an unbelievable amount of face cards on the board every hand. I played all day yesterday from sun up to night time on several diffrent tables. All day long this was atypical board. 8,9,10,Q,K with 3 hearts . Or 5,6,8,9 10 with 3 hearts. All Day long it was gut shot sttaights. With always a flush posibility. There is one player at every table winning their ass off with miricle hand after miricle hand he or she has 10 mill at the 1 mill tabe. People cant beat this guy. Because he is the chosen winner. If everyone is loosing and 1 person is winning thats 8 people who might have to buy chips. If you notice change in the leader boards it stats at like 54.000 u have to scroll to the top before you get to where people are up a million chips. In real poker when u get A,K it dosent show up more than it does . Real boards are 2,5,6,10,K, or 3,3,6,9 Q. Not 6,7,8, 10 of diamonds Q of hearts, or A,A,A,K,J . These boards are meant to make several people think they have a good hand or chance of a good hand. 1 person has a straight another person has a flush, a third has tripps, another has 2 pair. I started playing this game to stay away from gambling this game will drive u mad… u have to go gamble just to be reminded how real cards fall just to get away from this fantasy randomness.


You’re right!
Real poker is random, ANYTHING on a computer is not.!
Pass the popcorn!

ib’s u don’t tell me your source for asserting percentages are factored into the deal then I dismiss it! U must reveal your sources!

As I said, it’s obvious once you’ve played enough. Yet I forgot to add, and have a high enough IQ to notice it. Some people could play for decades and never figure it out.

Here’s a thought, how about asking the Mayor here if percentages are calculated into the way the hands are dealt? I asked directly if the game favored new players in any way and the question was completely ignored by the admin here. If you’ve played long enough surely you’ve noticed the game favor new players, yes? If you haven’t even noticed that then you’re not paying attention. If you have noticed, then percentages is the only way to factor in that favor. Simple as.

TonyD thanks for posting, friend. It’s obvious, and the reviews of the game all complain about it. PP has the best poker game environment I’ve ever seen, yet they choose to not even try approximating random draws of poker in favor of some percentage based lunacy. It’s almost as if there was some other agenda besides trying to generate revenue. I mean, if I were trying to generate revenue for this game the first thing I’d do is sell exclusive outfits and items. The second thing I’d do is listen to the users and replace this Bad-Beat-Poker deal with something that approximates real poker.

Friend, the word is “losing”.

Okay ol’ pal, sarcasm isn’t sincerity buddy. The guy was, like most complaints, lamenting the bad dealing of cards. He’s right, so there’s no need to lambaste him with sarcasm simply for reporting his frustration with the game, because it means he likes the game otherwise and cared enough to report his findings, which are accurate.

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Maybe sarcasm was not the proper response for a topic that centers around the problem with poker that happens with disgusting regularity.

ie. the other dude has better cards than I do.

Please remember that everyone at the table is dealt cards from the same deck and only one person is going to win. Algorisms’ be dammed
My personnel solution to this disgusting habit of getting bad cards, is to stop playing coeds and start playing poker.

I love sarcasm and spell checks! Not thin skinned here. I think when i looked last i had 50,000+ hands in this game i have been in the i can’t lose seat many times. One of the programmers from gears of war admitted after leaving the franchise that they programmed the game so the first match you played of multiplayer gave you 2x health because the data they had collected showed if people play a mp match and dont get at least one kill their first game most would never play again. So giving players i can win this feeling has been used in games before.

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Yeah, right. It’s “obvious”. That’s your source? That’s your evidence?

[quote=“JOEKINGMEGAKONG, post:41, topic:507”]
Explain this seemingly dementia comment, please.

An extreme example of just playing cards, is when players call the BB pre-flop, then everyone checks thru the river to see who has the winning hand.
Poker is using folding, bluffing, trapping, reading tells, and betting to react to what other plaers do.