Anyone Want Free Chips!


Be wary of players who offer you chips. I realise this sounds obvious to most people but I’ve just been burnt and wanted to warn anyone else as stupid as me.

That said, there are genuine good guys out there and I was given some chips by a player for leaving a comment on his Billionaire achievement on his timeline. Total legend!

But I’ve just been stung for 2/3rds of my stack (20m) by someone who messaged me and friended me about a week ago. We played a lot of poker together over the last week, had a great time. Then today he offered to give me 20m. Thought he was a friend so said that would be amazing. Went to a 20m table, told me to re raise him all in and he’d fold, and, you guessed it, he called, won, and took my 20m.

Now I’m not whining about the loss, it’s my fault, I get that. Just don’t want it to happen to anyone else. Even if you think a person can be trusted, it’s probably just best to work on your own stack without snapping up what looks like a shortcut like I did.

See you on the tables :+1:t2:


Thanks for shareingwith us.

Sorry that happened to you and I too had it happen to me just not as much. I learned you can’t help everyone and everyone can’t help you. Catch ya out there.

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That’s ice cold! But at least he kept with the theme of the game. :laughing: Seriously though, I’m a Nigerian Prince trying to make it home. If you buy my ticket I’ll repay you with 1,000,000 US Dollars when I see the King.

I gave away almost 300,000,000 today. Game deleted. Bye.

What a douche to do that.

Why? It’s not hard to make chips. If you don’t feel like stressing the bankroll, join up and make some chips, then give away in private tables. If it’s fun for the donator, and makes others happy to be getting chips, why make fun of them?