Loot cases since update

Has anyone else noticed how bad the loot case payouts are after the last update. I have been a vocal supporter of the of the updates that the PP team has been doing and the hands on approach.
The reason for boost was to increase the chance of upgraded loot cases or less duplicates. That is no longer how it works i cant tell you the last 150k case or boost case i have gotten. Its a waste upgrading cases. And if PP hasnt seen the purchase of boost go down they will soon. GL have fun just forget the case upgrades my humble opinon

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I just emailed them & told them that their update has f@#ked the loot cases. I used to upgrade to get cash money and top ups, now I spend $55/ $145k to get some sh!t item I dont want. For some reason they want people to buy their new crappy items.
FGS make It a choice fellas.
Being able to choose tables now is a winner though. I hate the Laundromat and meat locker, its stains my tux.

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Yeah so I bought a couple of 30 day boosts–primarily to support the game/development. However, I did notice that the extra “loot” cases were kind of ridiculous. Can’t tell you how many nicknames I have now! Or duplicates of items that are like 1.5k chips. Also, the boost didn’t seem to make me level up any faster than previously. Yeah you get a few extra REP points but what really makes you level up is the “achievements” such as paying X amount of blinds, etc. So as much as I want to help support the game and development, it’s just not worth me spending the extra $$ on buying boosts.

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Upgrading loot cases was nerfed. Save your bankroll. Don’t upgrade.

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I think order for something to be nerfed or tweaked deliberatley it has to be exceptional, too good or unfair. To make $5k & occasionally $95k from a loot case seems pretty normally and an acceptable bonus. I think they just f#$ked with it not realising they would annoy people. I could be wrong. I hope they change it back.

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I agree with all of you and have been happy with the updates they have made . Its obvious this ones a mess because the Mayor has not addressed it at all gl all have fun

Made an account just to come start a thread about this very thing. Just started the game a couple months ago, loot cases were always awesome. In the last 10 days or so I’m down about 800k on upgrading cases and getting a cosmetic or nickname

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I couldn’t agree with you more on the loot cases im disappointed that with the hands on way they have been working to fix PP that they are not addressing this. I use to buy boost to show my support for the direction the team was addressing issues hands on. I thoroughly enjoy PP but i will now longer purchase boost to show my support. I have plenty of chips to enjoy the games. I hope they get this issue addressed i really look forward to a PP2

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We had a v1.4 update yesterday, lots of bug fixes but no loot case fix. The loot case rewards still suck. So “no cigar” pun intended

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Sent PP another msg re the crappy Loot case system. We need more ppl to send emails so they will listen and convert it back to what it was. I have 20 fkn loot cases unopened waiting for the fix/patch.

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I agree and with how much the PP has done lately to fix issues or to atleast address the problems that have been posted here it surprises me that they have not fixed this one.

Loot cases give out items, chips, boosts, and nicknames. If a loot case randomly gives you an item you already have, you will instead get 25% of the item’s value.

Upgraded loot cases are the same, except they do not give out nicknames or duplicate items.

There was a bug with upgraded loot cases that caused them to always give out chips. That bug was recently fixed. They are now working as intended.

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I didnt experience that on payouts but this FIX surely makes it not worth the chance of upgrading loot cases or using boost for chance at higher quality cases my humble opion tyvm for addressing the issue


Hi Again,
Please let us all know when you’re going fix that (prominence poker) crappy loot case rewards system you screwed up on the second last patch. We don’t want the crappy items. At least give us a choice like before: No loot case upgrade = item OR loot case upgrade = $$$ (at least $5k - guaranteed)

That’s not how loot cases supposed to work. Why is that so hard to understand. What you took advantage of here was a bug what got fixed. Live with that. Loot cases are not for making profit, they are for the collectables. If you don’t want them just ignore the loot cases. If you want chips play the game. Cheers

So then you agree that upgrading from a basic loot case since the bug FIX is a total waste of chips? And my second question is dont you think this completely makes it a waste to buy boosts?

Ok go easy Jesus. Actually I don’t have to live with it & I don’t have to play the game. You sound like a typical arrogant American teenage millennial with an attitude. Get another job maybe cleaning cars, customer support doesn’t suit you.

What are you talking about? Did you respond to the wrong post?

Oh yeah, who’s the arrogant here Christ? :laughing: Where did I write you have to play the game? And yes, you have to live with it, because that’s the reality. As a side note: I’m neither American nor a teenager. Also, I don’t have an attitude and I’m not arrogant either. I only stated facts. Btw, thanks for your compliment. English is my second language.

I don’t think he did.