Loot cases since update

You didn’t say I have to play the game you came across arrogant & prickly & told me to live with it. Thats arrogant. I don’t have to live with it at all. Saying you’re not arrogant doesn’t mean that you’re not. If you cant work all this out for yourself well I cant help you. Anyway I’m I’m not getting into a flame war with a silly immature person that behaves like a teenager. Second language? oh you must be f#$king Indian. Any moron can do a spell & grammar check.

It was a BUG. What can’t be understood about it. And yeah, of course you do not get into it while offending me wherever you can, you prick. You’re not good at guessing, don’t overdo it my man. Go get some chill pills and leave this game alone I tell you. It’s a win-win situation.

I’m way past that it was a supposed bug or that PP changed they’re mind about the function of loot cases. We are now talking about your attitude and tone to your customers. Thats what the last 3 texts have been about but you dont get it. Arrogant immature assholes like you dont know that they are and I’ve long been wasting my breath. Go get a Job where you dont have to deal with people. You clearly dont get it.

I have a suggestion why dont you two exchange numbers or get a room LMFA0 This is like following the conversation of two eight year olds on the school yard. Now knock it off before we all send you to the principals office and call your Mommys :rofl::joy::v::spades::heart::diamonds::clubs:

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