Jerky not to show your "muck"

I think it’s lame to be a poopyhead and not show your down cards, win or lose. I always show mine. Be sporting…have fun!


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It’s part of the game. I mean to decide what cards you want to show from your hand if you don’t win the pot (aka to muck). If it’d be an entirely ethical question, then there’d be a rule for it. The fact that you’re able to decide to not to show your hand is the evidence that you probably shouldn’t show it all the time.


Poker is as much bluffing as it’s strategy. Perhaps it’s more bluffing than strategy. Also, avoiding tells.

For bluffs to work, your opponents should have as little idea of your playing style as possible. Attentive players will quickly notice if you play very safely, or in a very risky manner… or if you bluff a lot. Not showing whether you tried to bluff (unless you have to) is all part of the strategy.


I just prefer having the nerve to show 'em my cards and STILL outwit 'em. Seems chicken to hide 'em.

The rule is you pay to see their cards. Fold and you have no right to see their cards. If you want to show your cards do it, I always love it when I’m shown someone else’s cards. Knowledge on their play style will be helpful later. Generally I will never show my cards until the point I know I have won the competition then I will show a card or cards to try and emotionally taunt losing opponents, emphasising this with slowing down my actions and including emotions like waving to further raise their temper , spread and ultimately hasten the defeat The players not showing aren’t jerks they are just playing that way to have the advantage over you.


The only situation where it makes sense to show your cards is if you are on the big blind and everybody else folds pre-flop. That’s because it literally makes no difference in terms of “revealing” your playstyle because you literally got to do nothing. It doesn’t matter what you had. The advantage of showing is that you get ranking points. Not a huge amount but hey, better than nothing.


That’s poker bud. If you muck every hand, you’re invited to my house every Saturday night for life. :rofl: SERIOUSLY! GIMME YOUR MONEY! :money_mouth_face: